This is what it's all about; this is the nitty-gritty, the bottom line, the "where it's at": The Meditation of the 10th Mahatma, or The Meditation of the 10th Ray/Emanation. This is one the most advanced meditations which can presently be done at the human level. And do not let that "advanced" throw you off and scare you away. There is quite a collection of us who, practicing inner work of this degree of Divinity, have, in doing that practice, worked hard to assist in the preparation and integration of the entirety of the human consciousness to be able to receive, understand and allow themselves to perform a meditation of this caliber.

          Know ye well that you are not alone in this. The quantity and quality of inner and outer spiritual help and guidance in doing this meditation is indeed vast, stretching from our own Masters to your own Higher Self, Oversoul and Mahatma itself.

          There is a test you can do within yourself, right now, to determine if you are sufficiently "advanced" to do this meditation. There are 4 parts of self you need be conscious of having:

                                    1. An atomic-level human body.

                                    2. Emotions.

                                    3. A mind.

                                    4. A soul.

          An atomic-level body consists of that hunk of meat and bone (atoms and molecules) you carry around with you, with particular attention on the organs of your endocrine system.

          Emotions consists of exactly that, emotions: positive, negative and neutral—an entire body of emotions.

          Mind consists of all that mental activity you do, all that thinking, believing and not believing, denying and accepting, creating, inventing, conceiving, learning, memory and all your ideas of what is good, bad, right and wrong and how you feel about things at the mental level—an entire mental body.

          And soul? Well, my dear friend, that is your entire chakra system, Lightbody and all your levels of Self from human animal ego-personality, to Creator . . . and back. You are, indeed, quite vast. And very no, you are not at all required to be conscious of this entire make up of you as a spiritual and divine being to do this meditation. That would be quite ludicrous for this meditation is exactly designed (at very high levels of the spiritual ladder) to assist you in doing exactly that—the continued expansion and growth of you as a spiritual being in direct contact with the Divine Nature of All That Is. You have the consciousness awareness of Soul that you have, and this meditation may be employed to assist you in and on that eternally expanding Path . . . for The Meditation of the 10th Mahatma is an integral part of The Path, you.

          And with a final note before we get into the specifics of the meditation, if this seems too complex and you get a feeling of not being able to do it. but yet you want to do it, but yet . . . . What is presented here is not some passing fancy or momentary spiritual fad. You are now dealing with all of you and not just little ego-personality, human-only you limited to a consciousness of a single lifetime within an eternal creation. The illusionary complexity of this meditation is no where near what you had to do to get through any school grade or to avoid any fear. The names of the Archangels are within you and your chakras, which are yours to command, can easily accept their presence. Do this meditation daily and in a week or so you will have it. How long did it take you to learn loads of school lessons you never use, or lessons of cunning and stealth on the street? No, I simply will not accept that it is "too complex" as an excuse for continuing in ignorance of Self.

          Here is the lineup of your chakra system.

The Invitation

          Into your Soul Star-to-Earth Star 4-body system, you are going to invite 8 Archangels. For some specific information on these wonderful Archangels, please see the pages in Section IV, The Angelic Kingdom.

          There is a specific pattern involved in the inviting of each specific Archangel:

The Invitations

          In order to have some idea as to what is meant by the "10th Mahatma", please familiarize yourself with the energies Creator uses to create All That Is, the 12 Rays or 12 Emanations. Information on the Rays is contained in Section III, The Path of Creation.

          The 10th Ray is a very special Ray at this time in our Earth evolution. It contains and provides the information, energy and patterns (resonances) for the creation of our new Mahatma Lightbody. The now availability of the 10th Ray is part of Creator's Divine Plan for this sector of Creation within the expansion of Creation itself within this Cosmic Day. This is a remarkable and unpresedented change. Up to now spiritual Mastery has been limited to 7 Rays creating the Melchizedek Lightbody (and its variations). From the physical standpoint, it has been necessary to experience physical-body death in order to achieve the Ressurection and subsequent creation of the Lightbody.


T h e    M e d i t a t i o n

          Invite each Archangel, individually, one at a time, into your 4-body system: soul, mental, emotional and physical.

          The meditation begins by you opening your system to the highest energies presently available to you. Invite Mahatma into your entire being. Allow your self to be filled with the pure white Light from Undifferentiated Source and for it to pass completely through and around you anchoring at the Earth Star chakra. Next invite and see the pure gold Light of Mahatma to fill your entire being—inundating and saturating, filling you with the most wonderful Presence in All That Is.

          When you feel you are ready, into your Soul Star chakra/sephira, invite the Archangel Metatron. Metatron very well resonates with this mantra (name, sound). Invite him first into the soul level and then allow that to integrate. Then invite him into your mental body and allow that to integrate. Then invite him into your emotional system and allow that to integrate. Then invite him into your physical system and allow that to integrate.

          It's a sequence of invite, allow, surrender (really deep allowance). (Note: if you have trouble surrendering, meditations with your throat chakra can certainly help.)

          When you feel ready and that Metatron is sufficiently integraged for the moment, invite the Archangel Ratziel into your crown-3rd Eye chakras. Ratziel also knows his name and will respond. Invite him individually into each level of your soul-to-physical being allowing each level to integrate.

          Invite the Archangel Khamael into your heart-throat chakras. Allow integration. Then continue the invitation individually to your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Allow integration and surrender to his presence.

          Now invite the Archangel Michael into your Solar Plexus chakra and then into your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

          You have to allow as much time for each invitation as required in the moment. When you first begin this meditation, usually it takes longer. Each day's meditation will bring it's own requirements and can change from day to day. An enormous spiritual evolution is taking place within you and evolution is change. Allow and surrender to the change.

          Next invite the Archangel Raphael into your soul level. His location is to the left of the stomach chakra (see graphic above) in the hip joint. Invite him on down through your 4-body system to the physical individually allowing integration at each level.

          Now invite the Archangel Auriel into the hip joint to the right of the stomach chakra and bring him through the 4 levels.

          When you gain some experience at this, you may find Raphael and Auriel want to come in simultaneously. If this occurs, and you feel you can handle 2 Archangels simultaneously, go ahead and do so.

          Your next invitation goes out to the Archangel Gabriel. Invite Gabriel into your linear, solid-consciousness chakra just below the stomach. The stomach and linear chakras contain an enormous amount of distortion and polarization. Your emotional body is locked into the linear chakra and the amount of inviting, allowing and surrendering sometimes has huge requirements, so allow integation time for each invitation level.

          Michael, Raphael, Auriel and Gabriel form the Archangels of the Four Corners. They work together in a very special relationship. There may be times in your meditations when you will be asked to hold them in focus. It is the impurities of the lower chakras that contain the distortions of mankind. Note here that we have 4 Archangels devoted to 3 lower chakras, solar plexus, stomach and sacral. This might give you some idea as to how much distortion is in these lower chakras. In the past it has often been taught to place an energy blockage just above the solar plexus to assist you in getting along in life better. Well, my friends, now is the time to directly into cleansing and purification.

          Finally, send out your invitation to the Archangel Sandalphon. Sandalphon is known as the Archangel of the Physical and being that there are 12 levels of Self spread throughout the physical dimensions, Sandalphon's integration can be rather large. Invite Sandalphon into your root-to-Earth Star chakras, anchoring in the Earth Star, through each level of soul, mental, emotional and physical. You may find that at this point you need to anchor to Earth center. Sandalphon can help you do that.

          Sandalphon and Metatron often work together and from your Earth Star chakra below your feet up to your Soul Star chakra above your head, see the very straight-line connection between these two Archangels. They will merge throughout your Earth-soul system.

          There is another 4-corner relationship including Khamael, Raphael, Auriel and Sandalphon, which embraces the Michael-Raphael-Auriel-Gabriel 4-cornered relationship. These relationships may be called upon.

          Next invite Divine Mother (Lady Mahatma) into a union of your heart-throat chakras. Her wonderful and integrating energies you may find to be very helpful at this point. This Goddess integration will be very welcomed by males who, throughout this Galaxy, have been very lacking in their contact with this most wonderful being. Invite her also through your 4-body system, each level individually, and allow her to integrate. I am sure, whether you are male or female, you will find her presence most divinely wonderful. You may invite her to permanently reside within you anchored within your heart-throat chakra.

          Your invitations to the Archangels may also be an invitation of permanency.

          At this point, invite the 10th Ray throughout your being. This Ray is a beautiful, luminous pearlescent color. Feel free to bask in its presence. Focus on this 10th Ray for the balance of the meditation unless guided to do otherwise. Allow the 10th Ray to permeate throughout your entire you: all upper and lower chakras, mental body, emotional body, the endocrine glands and system of your physical body, the body's nervous system, its linear evolutional histories, dna, bio-atomic structures and whatever else you find out is going on in there.

          When you come to the focus part of the meditation, simply remain chakra open, allow, let go, surrender and accept. Let go of what? Let go of that emotional body. Let go of that mental body. Let go of fixed patterns. Allow the energies and presences to enter as deeply into the physical as will be achieved in the day's meditation. The cycle is: Open, Allow, Let Go, Surrender, Accept. If issues of Will arise within you, you may do the cycle as: Invite > Choose > Accept > Allow > Mirror.

          How come all this allowing, letting go, surrendering and accepting? Quite simply, when you are dealing with Archangels, you are dealing with Divine Beings, direct representatives of Creator, who know and understand the totality of All That Is. They have it all figured out, and the narrow confines of human-mind thought simply cannot grasp the vastness of Self much less all of Creation. And what energies and balances you need all up and down your entire Lightbody system you simply cannot yet see. Metatron, Ratziel, Khamael, Michael, Raphael, Auriel, Gabriel and Sandalphon can, and do.

          Additionally, some of the "hard knocks" lessons this dense solidity consciousness has taught (over a too-long period of its linear time) include the illusions of: hold on, allow noone deep into self, protect yourself, obey authority, believe in the face of nonsense, inwardly surrender to your limitations, fight to the end, never give up, the mind is Satan's lair . . . and on down the list. These are not spiritually wise lessons. All this is now being changed and this meditation will keep you up-to-date on the changes.

          And, we might ask, what are we to let go of? Primarily it's the emotional and mental bodies. There is a little scale of consciousness levels that may help to show how all this works. This scale is experiential, not theoritical. It would be indeed wise to let go of all below Source.






Mind Planning & Dominating Ownership

Arrogant Know-It-All

Fear-filled Cowardism (Fear/Blame/Guilt)

Kicked-in-the-Head Stupidity


          Those four lower levels are really a mess. When belief and cause derive their drive from below, well, look around the world at what has resulted. Human life has been living in 3 very strange "dimensions": downside up, backwards and outside in.

          It requires a lot of inner meditation work to clear the four lower chakras of their contaminations. Kicked-in-the-Head Stupidity contaminates the root chakra. Fear-filled Cowardism contaminates the sacral chakra. Arrogant Know-It-All contaminates the stomach chakra. Mind Planning & Dominating Ownership (which includes worry and agitated contemplation of so-called "survival") contaminates the power-centered solar-plexus chakra.

          I am often asked about the ending of a meditation session. Each day's meditation provides a measure of energies for you and it is your job to allow the meditation to achieve its end for the day—which it will do. I have found this usually takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, with a full hour being the usual. But each one of us is different. We have our own personal Dharma (deep soul purpose), our personal issues, requirements and dedications. To stick a "time" on this is rather arbitrary for each day's meditation utilizes the amount of linear time that it utilizes, and this is the only really valid statement that can be made about it.

          This meditation is not child's play.


N o t e    W e l l

          That this is so is one of the reasons for the presence of so much spiritual help, so many beings from very diverse realms of creation. Occasionally, rarely, in our Earth history someone would come into incarnate presence here who was capable of contacting Masters, Logoi and the Angelic Kingdom, and they would subsequently infuse the Earth realities with their spiritual work guiding the evolution towards its destinations.

          Archangels have not been overly familiar with our 3rd Dimension of Consciousness—the linear reality of solidity and dense atomic life forms; and it is life's job, our job, to assist them in gaining presence here. If they had been present here, the place would not be in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual mess it is in.We have now reached the single most critical point at any time in the spiritual evolution of Earth, and to at this point go into overwhelm on all this and give up and deny yourself this wonderful spiritual opportunity would be indeed unwise. In doing so what is your choice? To remain in continued ignorance, denial, darkness, misery, apathy and spiritual rot? No, I do not believe you accept that as a wise choice.

          Yes, in the end, eventually all beings return to the Light. Well, my friend, this is one of those "ends". Part of my Dharma (spiritual "job") in all this is to just be nobody-special regular-Earth-guy me, and if I can do it, anyone can.


I n t e g r a t i o n    &    G r o u n d i n g

          As you go through your day you are going to find you are not through with this just because you are now not sitting in some nice meditation space at home. You will learn to live in 2, 3, 4, a dozen worlds of consciousness simultaneously. The daily integration process can be quite awesome and now that you are up and about in your daily life certainly does not suddenly bring it all to a halt.

          Allow the integration as you go through your day and to maintain a balance in all this, ground so the energies do not back up and have nowhere to go. There are 2 ways to consciously ground. One is to allow the energies to pass through you to the center of the Earth. In the early stages this is what you need to do—connect with Earth's center. The grounding can be quite sudden and you will feel the balance. This grounding process will evolve to where eventually you can let go of the Earth center and allow the energies to ground into Earth through your Earth Star chakra just below your feet. There is a special evolution you are going to learn to allow in regard that Earth Star chakra as its evolution is incomplete as a proper reflection of the heart chakra. This is discussed in Section VIII: The Journey from Source

          And why integration? Why not just go on and on and on with it in a continuously blinding explosion of Divine Light? There is a Divine Law, my friends, which is called The Ring Passeth Not. And this Divine Law is a regulator which does not allow passage to your next level of spiritual evolution until what you have already opened up achieves balance. When I first consciously ran into the Ring Passeth Not I felt it was a binder, a limiter, a something to be fought through and overcome. Now I welcome it, allow it, help it, live with it. For to do otherwise is but again a departure from the Divine Plan.

          In the early days when I first opened to Light, Love and the inner Wisdom, I knew nothing about the emotional body, the mental body, much less the chakra makeup of soul. I would meditate, and occasionally I would fall flat on my face "knowing" I was personally the single most worthless being in all existence. And there was but one thing to do, pick myself up and carry on. I used to be amazed that one could sit there in all that emotional misery and sometimes, from out of nowhere, Poof!, it would all be gone in an instant . . . and the next "level" would open up. So even at the level of the infant opening of Self does this Law apply. In those early days I simply could not "allow". I learned to allow, and to no longer have to crash into flat faces.



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