Here we are, living on a planet and doing all our local planetary activities. Around us is a vast, vast cosmos—a creation so vast the mind boggles in it's incapacity to conceive of it all. But yet we're a part of it all, of All That Is. Are we so lost that we have no personal way to find out something about creation? Do we just have to "believe" or depend upon science and perhaps an enlightened spiritual source or two and just hope and assert that what we accept as truth really is truth?


          The Spiritual and Divine structure of All That Is breathes out from Source in a precise and exact way. Our journey from Source has been long and deep, arriving right here in dense physicality. The journey back to Source is within us and exactly parallels Spiritual and Divine structure (Hierarchy).

          In The Mahatma Revelation in Section I, there is a graphic of this Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy. Here it is again:


Consciousness Centers

          At some point in your spiritual evolution you are going to have to become familiar with your entire Chakra system. As you do the Meditation of the 10th Mahatma you will continually grow into Source You and at some point it becomes necessary for you to explore that You, Co-Creator Self.

          All the energies, the 12 Rays of Creation, flow from Creator Source down through a wonderful spiritual structure. Likewise, all the energies of Co-Creator Self flow from Creator down through a wonderful structure. We call this structure The Spiritual & Divine Hierarchy, all of which is centered within your personal Chakra system/lightbody. It is all there within you just waiting for your conscious exploration. That conscious exploration is often called "meditation".


F r o m  t h e  T o p

          Chakra One is the Creator Sun. What can be said about this? This is what it's all about, Mahatma, the I AM Presence: the Ein Soph of the Kaballa, Great Spirit of the Native American, Adi Buddhi of the Buddhists, Parabrahman and Paramatman of the Hindu, the Godhead, Source, the Absolute, the Ineffable and so on down the never-ending scroll of names, mantras and concepts. All That Is, looking from the bottom, ultimately unifies at Mahatma Source. I use the term "Mahatma" in that this is the sound-name-mantra assigned by the Archangel Metatron for our use here on Earth. The sound of this name is attuned in such a manner that it will resonate within you upon calling upon it regardless of your language: Mahatma, MAHATMA, MAHATMA . . . .

          Though there have been some wonderful attempts, it has been very difficult to write about this Source level as shown by the writings themselves. Our Kaballa, with it's wonderful-sounding term, "Ein Soph" (spelled various ways in English—Ain Soph, Ayn Soph, Eyn Suph, Ein Soph, etc. ), ends the discussion with the term itself in the meaning "no thing".

          The Sanskrit "Paramatman" perhaps come a little closer meaning: "that which is beyond or above even the atman (highest self) of any hierarchy, the First or Unmanifest Logos of the universe."

          And "Adi Buddhi" meaning: "the One unknown, without beginning or end, identical with Parabrahm and Ain-Soph, emits a bright ray from its darkness."

          Well, my friend, it certainly does not originate in kundalini sex-magic darkness, and with Mahatma revealing itself, the human ego is now free to within itself pursue direct contact through the journey of the Chakras. The only limitation is belief.

          Chakra Two is Undifferentiated Source. Again, what can be said about this? This is the Oneness of all Onenesses; the first level of creation yet still outside of all dimensionality. All sentient beings have these two Source Chakras in common. The totality of All That Is dovetails into this level. Into this Undifferentiated "level" the direct energies of Creator flow, all 12 Emanations, undifferentiated, untouched and uninfluenced by any other existence whatsoever. The pure White Light of Source is found at this level and within it is formed the first Council of Twelve. Twelve what?—The Twelve Rays in absolute perfect creation filled with Creator Will and Divine Plan.

          Chakra Three is Source Star—and we have just entered dimensionality. Source Star is the first peek over the horizon of absolute creation. This Chakra sits at the beginning of the Ætheric Realms. It might be described as Creator's last point of absolute Creator Will before the infusion of Free and Divine Will into All That Is. (Free Will—Spiritual Will—is thee and me, my friend. Divine Will is the Angelic kingdom.) At this Chakra the Angelic and Spiritual Kingdoms unite. If you want to practice union with the Divine, Source Star Chakra is certainly a wonderful choice as to where to do it. Source Star of course receives the energies of the Council of 12 of Undifferentiated Source.

          Chakra Four is Monad Star. Here we have the first point of differentiated being containing all you have ever been, all you are, and all you ever will be. Even though all sentient beings have this Chakra, this might be said to be your first personal-you Chakra. You are indeed huge, my friend, huge. This is the Universal Self, Ætheric Self, the Perfect Self, the union of all "you", and it receives its energies, the 12 Rays, directly from the Council of 12 in the Source Star Chakra.

          If you have ever been curious about this term "The Oneness" that gets kicked around in our new revelation, the Monad Star Chakra is the consciousness source of that beyond-universal unification, and resonates with YOU. This level is a most wondrous unified paradox of simultaneous differentiation and unification.

          I find this Chakra to be most amazing—an epitome of integration and is the Chakra at which You and Creator have anchored the 10th Ray/Emanation.

          Chakra Five, is the Senior Oversoul, a single step down from Monad into the Ætheric Realms. This is the Ætheric Oversoul and commands zones of Creation far, far beyond my present capacity to view in all its vastness of manifestation. This is the point from where the Divine Plan begins an outward radiation of All That Is. There is so much to learn from within the Senior Oversoul Chakra it has been imbued with a specific being whose job it is to hold the focus of this wonderful center of Divine Consciousness. The being has a name (mantra, sound) which in the English language resonates as Li Pau, and may be the same in other languages. (My present responsibility is within the English language.)

          What we know as "thought" originates within the governing Senior Oversoul. If you thought it, it originated here. With the degree of distortion we have so limitedly achieved, we have the illusion of thought orginating in these talking heads of ours. Some folks take this even further and tout that thought originates within little nerve synapses within the meatbrain. They so thoroughly believe this they can even produce "scientific evidence" of it. I have actually seen a video purported to be some sort of electron microscope detection of thought getting ready to happen within these synapses. Like the quantum physicist finds a wave when looking for a wave, or a particle when looking for a particle, you find what you assume and/or believe.

          Unrevealed, thought has been distorted, as is passes down the pipeline, so that it hits the root Chakra, then bounces up to the 3rd Eye and Crown. All quite upside down and resulting, among other things, in the idea that mass originates thought and in the limitation of "think survival only".

          All the historical carrying on about karma or "The Judgement of God" has usually been distortion regarding the governing aspects of the Oversoul. On a soul level, this part of you is forever looking down the pipeline at what you are ready for in your next step of learning; and passing that on up the pipeline to Source. You are, my friend, your own judge, jury, criminal and Divine hero/heroine and all in between and below and above.

          The degree of integration we must allow, by Divine Law, to attain the level of direct subjective contact and opening of this level is extensive and I strongly suggest you begin your journey through all this now. The energy of pure thought is very, very fine with a frequency way beyond normal detection. Thought has often thought of itself as "next-to-nothing", massless, energyless, with a continual line of questioning in order to establish some idea of itself ending up in paradox upon paradox . . . just follow the Path within you, open, allow and learn.

          This is the Silence which is not silent, the calm, the peace, the Void which is not void.

          Chakra Six is the Junior Oversoul, and do not let this "junior" be misleading for the power concentrated at this level is awesome. This is the level just before the Golden Bridge at which point the pre-atomic energies of creation, called Angel Flash, flashes into a pre-elemental cosmic angel-dust physicality carrying coordination and alignment of Creation inclusive of all physicality below it. The name/mantra/sound of the being (Logos) of Chakra Six is Phopenjenus—and, by the way, all these beings also have help and guidance as part of their Divine Focus.

          (These meager attempts to describe in language such vast and awesome levels of consciousness sometimes seems completely absurd to me as the direct inner-Self experience of them is The Teaching.)

          At this point we pass from the Ætheric Realms through the symbolic Golden Bridge and into physicality. Oh my goodness would the quantum physicists love to know about this. Well, being that they are sentient beings, they'll get it someday; but certainly not from external experimentations.

          Chakra Seven, the Chakra of Higher Self, sits right up there at the universal portal into all physicality. We have now stepped down from the Ætheric and into the physical realms. The Logos at this level is our well known Melchizedek with his feminine side as Universala.

          Melchizedek/Universala, the Universal Logos—awesome beyond description. In Melchizedek/Universala is found the center of all physicality and life-form resonances in all the physical dimensions of consciousness. The idea of "dna" is sourced in this Chakra, and not just for Earth but all life when/wherever it may be including the forms of the Lightbody.

          (Within these upper Cosmic and Ætheric Realms to call these centers of creation "Chakras" might be a little misleading. We do not have an exact single word in English for them. They are more like "Logoi resonance centers". In that we have so far done well with "Chakra" we will just expand our conceptualization of the term.)

          Chakra Eight, the Chakra of Junior Higher Self. This Chakra is the step down from our Universal Logos to the galactic level. The being who is our Galactic Logos is Melchior/Galactica. This Logos point is very, very active at this time. The energies of the 5 new Rays are now pouring through this portal of consciousness in a most wonderful new dispensation of purity of being. The being sitting at the top of the Shadow Darkness in this galaxy is having an awfully hard time remaining in his consciousness stronghold in the Belt of Orion. There just isn't any place for the heavy darkness beings to go. We could send some Light out to them . . . (and add the command: "Get with the program!" . . . issued with a smile, of course.)

          Chakra Nine, is the Chakra of The Central Sun. Now we've entered our own front yard right here in our Solar System. Helios/Vesta is our Solar Logos and is also very, very active at this time. Our Sun is the physical body of the Solar Logos.

          Chakra Ten is the Soul Star Chakra. It sits right there 7 to 12 inches above the top of your physical-body head. There is an enormous amount of evolution taking place in this Chakra as it resonates with our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara. As you and I are evolving, so is our Planetary Logos. At present there are, that I know of, 3 levels of our Logos available to us each with its own name/mantra/sound resonance: Sanat Kumara, Vywamus, Lenduce. The physical earth, all dimensions of Earth, is the body of our Planetary Logos. There is much information around our planet available regarding our Logos and you are free to seek it out. I am not going into full dissertations here at this time.

          Of course, the greatest dissertation is that which happens within your own soul; and as you expand you will definitely meet our Planetary Logos, in some Chakra or another, as you travel the Path. More on this in Section IX: The Journey to Source, which is a full procedure of meditation for opening your Chakras from Earth to Creator Sun, Mahatma.

          Chakra Eleven is one which is historically familiar to us, the Crown Star Chakra. There has been a lot of attention given to this Chakra in many of our wonderful mystic practices. This is the Chakra at the top of the head and is a primal entrance point of Creator energies into our 3-dimensional physicality.

          There is much evolution going on within and regarding this Chakra. Speaking in terms of pure nitty-gritty, the energy changes presently taking place on Earth are reaching deep into physicality to the point of evolving at the Earth-element level. All the elements the sciences of chemistry and physics present to us have come into manifestation based on the 7 original Rays, and now that Creator has expanded and the 5 new Rays are coming in, physical chemistry will also change which includes the bio-physical atomic interaction of your physical body. The Crown Star is very integral in this process.

          The physical-body pineal gland is closely associated with the Crown Star Chakra.

          Chakra Twelve is the 3rd Eye Chakra. The 3rd Eye has been represented in many ways throughout our histories. Possibly the most broadly known representation is found in images of The Buddha, usually always seen in meditation with the physical eyes closed and a very open 3rd Eye on the forehead just above and between the eyebrows.

          The 3rd Eye is the Chakra of inner (soul) vision and is very closely linked to what humans have termed "the mind"—which, being a by-product phenomena, has been very baffeling particularly to soul-denying dabblers and investigators of mental activity. This Chakra has been very valuable to the unenlightened in their beginning meditations as novice mystics.

          The physical-body pituitary gland is closely associated with the 3rd Eye Chakra.

          Chakra Thirteen is the throat Chakra, often associated with sound and not talked about enough in its close association with the Heart Chakra. The throat Chakra is a major gateway to Divine Surrender and the allowance of the Presence of Being to enter. As you climb the ladder of spiritual consciousness the throat and heart unite becoming a huge center for The Presence (the I AM Presence).

          The thyroid gland on the left and the parathyroid on the right are the physical-body endocrine glands associated with the Throat Chakra.

          Chakra Fourteen is the Heart Chakra. Among novice mystics and those who seek and pursue spirit and Divine Revelation, the Heart and 3rd Eye Chakras are usually the first to be revealed and activated. The importance and value of the Heart Chakra are quite outside the realm of word description. Every spiritual practice on Earth knows about the Heart Chakra. If you are engaged in a spiritual practice which does not embrace the Heart, I strongly advise your immediate discarding of that practice for you are traveling a dark path of spiritual-self destruction.

          Some of the attributes of the Heart Chakra are: Love (Divine and unconditional), Beauty, Hope, Trust, Acceptance, Forgiveness, All, Non-exclusion, Union with God, Transcendence, Spiritual Evolution . . . all permeated with Divine Light (the 12 Rays of Creator) which resonate within the Heart and are instantly reflected in the 3rd Eye.

          The hug is very wonderful human activity as the energies of the Heart are conducted thru Chakras 15, 16 and 17 (shoulders, elbows and hands). In mystical and many other practices often including mundane daily living, the placing of the hands over the Heart and then performing the physical act of opening the arms in all-acceptance allows the Heart energies to be given and radiated in pure Divine Love.

          The thymus gland is associated with the Heart Chakra.

          Chakra Eighteen is the Solar Plexus Chakra. Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty of Earth living. During the late Atlantean period, the localized psychic powers of the lower Chakras evolved into a high degree of abuse. Ego-greed and "better than thou" became rampant along with dark alchemy (physical and psychic science nefarious manipulation of physical elements). The Divine Key is in the Heart but the mass consciousness, denying the advices of the Masters, refused to go there instead pursuing egotistical "I am God" psychic powers which degraded into an almost full-time abuse of the Devic Kingdom. Physical dark magic abounded, and when the Transition (planetary consciousness shift) hit (some 12,700 linear years ago), instead of mass ascension in accordance with the Divine Plan, the consciousness descended leaving Earth wide open to exploitation and bizarre experimentation. The depth of the fall was indeed quite ugly. Since that time our Spiritual Hierarchy has been very, very hard at work to put things back together—at this time, right now, we are coming out of it.

          The Solar Plexis Chakra became a "power center" into the lower psychic realms concerning itself with mechanics, machinery and physical structure, figuring things out on a mind-only basis. Feeding directly into the adrenal glands of the endocrine system, there has been a warrior consciousness and control-of-survival build up in this chakra. It needs a lot of purification as its function is balance and not "control". The depth of surrender to the processes of Divine Purification needed to transmute the distortions from the Solar Plexis Chakra not only requires a very high level of devotion to spirit, but is an Initiation unto itself which can bring about graduation from abuse on many levels. Work at opening to the consciousnesses in the upper chakras before pursuing the purification of this one. Follow the Path of the Mahatma Revelation and it will come naturally.

          Chakra Nineteen is the Stomach Chakra. This Chakra is loaded with distortion. Get the idea of a huge self-only oriented stomach greedily needing-needing-needing to eat up any and everything, and you've got some idea of the degree of impurity this center has become. Rectifying the distortions of the lower Chakras is so heavy it requires Divine Intervention and the presence of Archangels. Thus have we been given Section VI: The Meditation of the 10th Mahatma.

          There is a Divine phenomena happening here which should be mentioned. About a third of the way down the page in Section VI is a graphic titled: The Archangelic Embodiment of the 10th Mahatma. Note the positions of the Archangels Raphael and Auriel to the sides of the stomach Chakra. These are points out there on the pelvic bone, which, as you evolve in your spiritual consciousness, will become "Angel Points" and can serve you deeply in not getting again pulled into the lower psychic realms of mind madness, psychic warfare and in general influences from the lower darkness into which the Earth fell.

          Chakra Twenty is the Sacral Chakra. Sex! Oh what a subject among humans. Needless to say the misalignments and distortions contaminating this Chakra are rather evident in daily living.

          Chakra Twenty-one is known as the Root Chakra. This Chakra has been very much concerned with your survival, staying alive, avoiding damage to the physical body and has been about as ignorant as you can get in terms of awareness of any Spiritual and/or Divine functions.

          Chakras Twenty-two and Twenty-three are the Chakras of the knees and feet. These are actually lessor Chakras but very need to be mentioned as they are of great necessity in helping to overhaul the complete re-structuring of yourself as a spiritual being in alignment with All That Is. These Chakras serve as conductors between the Root and the Earth Star Chakra.

          Chakra Twenty-four is the Earth Star Chakra. I cannot begin to here approach how important and valuable is your bringing of this Chakra to live consciousness. You will find out for yourself as you grow in working with it. It will grow and grow and become a reflection of your Heart Chakra. Its size will also grow and you with it!

          The Earth Star connects directly into and with the Earth. Your energy connection with Earth Center can be made through the Earth Star with just a thought.

          All the above is The Pipeline in your Journey From Source. Welcome to The Earth and all we have to offer. The spiritual growth now available on our beloved Earth is daily growing along with you as you grow. Welcome to The Mahatma Revelation.


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