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The Logoi & the Twelve Emanations/Rays

Plural of Logos. An ancient Greek term which is presently in use by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

In modern Greek usage, "sound". In present-day spiritual usage, “Logos” is defined as: an alive, active, sentient, intelligent center of consciousness. A Being responsible for an entire zone of life, being and consciousness. The Center/Prime Being of an entire dimension(s) of creation.

Spiritual Hierarchy:
Again, we are into the Greek. Hier = Holy; Archy = government. The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet Earth consists of a gathering (hosts) of our Ascended Masters—very enlightened spiritual beings who have traversed and conquered life in this Earthian physical realm of incarnation and solidity (often called The Third Dimension of Consciousness or, in simplicity, 3D). Examples: Gautama Siddhartha the Buddha, Kuthumi (Kut Humi)—Master of the Christ Consciousness, St. Germain—Master of the 7th Department (7th Ray), The Manu—Master of Department 1 (1st Ray), etc. (Note: All this will be covered as we follow through these teachings.) The central being of our Planetary Hierarchy of Earth is called the "Planetary Logos", name: Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara has several aspects which will be expanded upon in this presentation.


A Teaching

             All That Is, all of Creation including energy, space, time, being, conditions and consciousness is centered in Source Creator regardless of any name, interpretation, idea, denial, cosmogony, theogony, epistemology, teaching, religious dogma, scientific opinion or none of the aforementioned.

            All sentient beings are a spark of Creator regardless of their beliefs, orientations and/or denials.

            Creation is vast, extremely vast containing continuously evolving realities and experience variations. The human ego-mind is quite incapable of conceiving of just how vast is Creation with all its awesome and wondrous adventures. And regardless of how vast Creation is or is not, the emanations of Creator follow a specific Divine plan, sourced in Creator and precipitating into All That Is regardless of where you are or who you might be anywhere, anytime.

            Creation precipitates down through many, many levels. What it has taken for you to arrive here and now as a human being on this planet is as vast as Creation itself; for you are Creation, my friend, and the information for the conscious recovery of Self is what this teaching is all about. The Mahatma Revelation is The Path.

            All of Creation, the totality of All That Is, regardless of level of physicality or ætheric, is made up of 12 primary emanations or rays of flames. In that the masculine and feminine principles of existence extend from Source, there may be considered to be 24 Rays, 12 masculine, 12 feminine. But all the rays are sourced in the one Source of 12 which is neither masculine or feminine.

            The Twelve Rays of Creation are frequency bands of energy precipitated, flowing from Undifferentiated Source at the Creator level through the system of planes of consciousness. The Being at the center of each plane is called The Logos. Each individual Logos is responsible for a vast, vast system of creation. Our chakra system (Lightbody) is attuned to these Logoi from top to bottom, and thus does the universal evolution and expansion of personal consciousness and spiritual growth come into being.

            These Rays are perceived as colors and they are alive. Each Ray contains a Divine Intelligence, a Creator Intelligence. As you work with the Rays you will more and more come to experience this Source Intelligence, this wonderful sentience which, in the ultimate, is you, your I AM Presence Self.

            After the following discussion of each specific Ray we will get into some specifics of the flow of these Rays from Creator right down to the nitty-gritty of you walking around and living on Earth.


The Twelve Flames/Rays/Emanations

            If you look around you will see energy, a lot of energy and in continually varying stages of solidity and non-solidity vibration with textures and form and life and continual evolution. The phenomena of energy is all over Creation and flows from Source in an exact and specific way called "Flames" or "Rays" or "Emanations". The whole of manifest Creation consists of variations of these Flames. Following is a discussion of each.

Flame/Ray 1:  This is the Ray of Divine Will and is red in color. Use it sparingly, but use it, find out what it does within you and for you. It can be quite demanding, quite direct with a quality at the human level of "Get out of my way I'm coming through". On the inner planes it can act as an immediate purification and alignment with/to Divine Will. Ray 1 does not dilly-dally.

            In the Planetary Hierarchy (Earth's Spiritual Government) the Master in charge of Ray One is "the Manu", who is now known as the Master Jupiter. The Master El Morya and many others work with him.

Flame/Ray 2:  The duel-aspect (Twin Flame) Ray of Love and Wisdom. (After using Ray 1 it is advisable to invite/allow an infusion of the Second Ray.) This Ray is seen as pink and blue: baby pink, baby blue. Use the second Ray at will in quantities as great as you wish. You can bath yourself, your surroundings, any situation or condition with these Rays. You can de-intensify any negative situation by an infusion bath of pink, and then bring some clarity with infusions of blue. Higher mental-conceptual areas may be contacted through this beautiful blue Ray even to the point of entering the Universal Mind.

            The head of the Second Ray Department is the Lord Meitreya with replacement activities in progress for the Master Kuthumi who will become the 36th Christ consciousness for Earth. There is great radiant compassion from these sources.

Flame/Ray 3:  The third Ray is seen as a yellow-gold and is the Ray of Active Intelligence. It can contain an enormous focus of Divine Love and using it you may find yourself suddenly falling in love with everything you can think of for no other "reason" than because it's there. Filtering out the gold, you find an imbalance with a great concentration on mental intelligence—which can be quite helpful for mathematicians, scientists, engineers, builders and inventors in general. Lacking the gold quality the intelligence can become quite misguided and end up in some highly technical yet very negative and destructive devices and substances. Now that the gold quality is readily available for human usage, I strongly suggest that anyone who is in the scientific fields of human endeavor very definitely invite the gold into their being and intelligence.

            At this point a quote from the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul would be quite in order:

            Now, coming from this Third Ray energy are the remaining four. They are really passed through the Third Ray on their way to manifestation and thus from the Third ray extend the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Rays.

            This Ray, then, is a means of getting the Earth's lessons learned, to getting accomplished for the Creator His Cosmic Plan.

            The Third Department is the "organizer" of the Hierarchy. It is the one that "gets it all done". The First Ray people say, "This is important, this is new," and get it done. And the Second ray people say, "And do it with Love, and be sure that it fits into the learning experience of the people, " and the Third Ray people say, "We should organize it this way and this way"—and they do it. The Third ray is the one that "gets it done". They are the organizers, whether we are talking about Earth living or our "spiritual" government.

            Within our Spiritual Government the Mahachohan, "Lord of Civilization", is the head of the Third Ray Department. He is the Master Serapis Bey. He was formerly in charge of the Department of the Fourth Ray.

Ray 4:  This wonderful Ray carries change with it and is usually seen as green. It is an evolution Ray and has been called Harmony Through Conflict. If you are one of those that learns through conflict, it could be wise indeed to take the vibration of this energy and raise it in order to function with at least some degree of harmony. Better, take it as far as you can. An excellent representative lifetime is known as Vincent van Gogh who, while being extremely artistically devoted, experienced deep and quantitative inner and outer conflicts before finally arriving at the harmony he needed to produce his later most masterful works. Artists of all types experience this Ray a great deal. Utilization of the wavelengths of beauty (you can feel beauty within you) can help balance this Ray. Also living in an aesthetic environment.

            The Master in charge of this Fourth Ray Department is the Master Paul. Paul works closely with the Archangel Gabriel and the Deva Kingdom.

Ray 5:  Usually perceived as orange, the Fifth Ray is the Ray of Pure Intelligence, Hard-Fact Knowledge. The great scientists of our world function on this Ray, delving deeply into the causes of situations, analyzing, taking it apart and then putting it back together. They are the giants of mental capacity who will carry life to conceptual heights and then allow others to bring it into existence. They see the most productive directions in which life should go. In the absence of this Ray, the understanding of these great potentials could not be reached.

Ray 6:  This 6th Ray is one of my personal big ones. I see and utilize this Ray often and have a wonderful connection with The Buddha, Gautama Siddhartha, our Planetary Sub-Logos, through this Ray. The Department of the 6th Ray is very active at present and is the Ray of Devotion and Fidelity to Spirit. It is seen within Self as indigo blue. I have spent most of my life (most of the time having no idea "why") with the 2nd and 6th Ray quite active. I had no idea they carried the essence of Creator.

            The activity in Palestine 2,000 years ago involving the Christ, our Lord Maitreya, and the Master Sananda (incarnate name Ioshua/Jesu/Jesus) was very involved with the 6th Ray.

            I would like to quote the Master Djwhal Khul here again in regard to this:

            "The 6th Ray was very much utilized by the Christ, the Lord Meitreya. How? Devotion to "One God obedience", used in connection with the Second Ray love vibration. He focused the Sixth Ray here in a specific esoteric sense, and through its use a certain focus grew up, and among the characteristics of that focus were the specifics of the Christian religion . . . the Second and Third Rays' connection as shown in the teaching. He went everywhere teaching, and in addition, focused on the specific religions. The Sixth Department (of the Planetary Hierarchy) is still doing that. They are attempting to synthesize all the religious activities of the world.

            Master Sananda (Jesus) is working with devotional patterns. He is working with specific religious organizations and he can, truly, research and understand each particular one, and then from that understanding of each one, see it and synthesize it—use that energy to raise the level of the experience. Where? To the level of Wholeness—and then see it as a Whole, and with his consciousness, with his abilities, can work on that level so he he can bring it into being on a "spiritual" level before it starts to work its way down into creation. It must be to the Wholeness level on the "spiritual" plane first. He is bringing it into the Wholeness concept by his wonderful synthesis ability, now, and bringing it down to the astral plane level. It's already there. All we have to do is bring it forth. Everything that we need for the New Age is already there. We just have to bring it forth."

            Sixth Ray energies have a wide range of octaves and can be rather heavy. If you are infusing Sixth Ray energy into something it would be wise, when you feel or see the lower density of the Ray, to raise it in its vibratory rate having it become less dense. This Ray has a quality of focus which you can use to put what you are working on to manifest into a holding pattern, on automatic, a continuous action.

Ray 7:  The Ray we have been hearing about almost all our lives, The Violet Ray, very penetrating and capable of clearing dense energy patterns transmuting the density to a higher vibration. This Ray is utilized in a very precise way and historically has been referred to as the Ray of Ceremonial Magic.

            The Master Rakoczi, Le Compte de St. Germain, or just St. Germain, is the Master in charge of the 7th Ray Department of our Spiritual Hierarchy. An aura of much mystique has arisen over this wonderful Master replete with negative and positive qualities as he was very, very active in Europe and also in the establishment of the New World on the North American continent.

            If it is that you are attracted to St. Germain, he will work with you. He has granted that you may do this. He can be perceived as being within the Violet Flame itself. If you contact him in meditation be prepared for whatever happens and allow it to occur. The Violet Ray is a very, very penetrating, precise and powerful Ray. It is particularly powerful at this time as we are moving into a new reality of spiritual consciousness; this Ray helps tremendously in transmuting the old, heavy, dense energy patterns.


The Five New Rays

            OK folks, here we go. Throughout all our histories in this galaxy, up to now, there have been but the 7 Rays available with but hints of the others. Source of this Cosmic Day has itself expanded infusing all of Creation with a jump in conscious reality. This particular sector of Creation, very much including our Earth, has been subject to some very heavy and very dark distortions—even to the point of claiming that Angels and Archangels "fall"; and that all I have here stated is but hallucination, fantasy, over-active imagination and just out-and-out bullpucky. These dark, matter-worshipping beliefs have been promulgated in order that it may continue in its ego-oriented evolution towards absolute domination and control . . . which it can never accomplish.

            The entrance of these 5 Rays into our experiential realities has caused a really wonderful confusion and scramble for understanding and integration within our Spiritual Hierarchy. The old established 7-Ray Departments have had to take on these new energies and align and attune them in an evolution of ever-expanding consciousnesses. This is the Big It folks. For years I have known something special was going on with this present Transition. Well, it's big, very big, and these 5 new Rays along with the spiritual Microtron (more on this to be presented) is the single most significant event to ever happen here. If you are a spiritually aligned person and you feel there is some Dharma, some deep-soul spiritual purpose for your presence here at this time, this is very likely that purpose.

            These new energies have been attuned through the 7th-Ray Department. They come to Earth through our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, through Shamballa and subsequently to the 7th Department. However, even since this attunement things have significantly changed. The formation of whole new Department has taken place within our Hierarchy establishing the Office of the Planetary Sub-Logos which is headed by The Buddha. He works very, very closely with Sanat Kumara, The Christ and with St. Germain—all Departments are deeply involved each having to hustle and scramble in their spiritual responsibilities. The joy and excitement involved in this work far exceeds that of a desperate old gold miner suddenly coming upon the mother load. The Buddha invites any and all to work with him.

            Here we have had a planet which is far behind in its spiritual evolution, still steeped in matter worship, dark religions, blackmagick, denial and spiritual ignorance. Then Creator expands! It may have even caught the Archangels off guard just a tad, wouldn't you think?

            Yes, it is indeed exciting; the future possibilities are truly unlimited now.

            The new Rays each is rather pastel in quality being infused with the pure luminescence of the white light of Undifferentiated Source.

Ray 8:  The 8th Ray is a luminous green and intense violet blend. It can be very penetrative going straight to areas within you that most need cleansing and purification right now. I would suggest upon your invitation of this Ray that you use it quite wisely and sparingly as it works very fast in its penetration and breaking up of old fixed and dead energy deposits.

            The blend making Ray 8 is composed of 4th Ray (emotional), 7th Ray (physical) and the 5th Ray (mental). So you can see when you invite this 8th Ray, a huge hunk of your makeup is effected: emotional, mental and physical. The 4th and 5th aspects do the penetrating, the 7th does the transmuting; and it's all happening simultaneously. Your ego consciousness simply cannot keep up with all that happens which is why you learn to let go, allow and surrender. These Rays are a direct emanation of Mahatma Source and are not just attuned to the Divine Plan, they are the Divine plan.

            (Note that colors shown on computers and the Internet are quite limited in their range and can only be representational substitutes, lower vibrations, of the actual Rays.)

Ray 9: The 9th Ray is seen as a highly luminous light-infused shade of blue-green sub-atomic fire. This Ray will find an anchor in the union of your heart and throat chakras. From there the anchor moves deeper into the physical and into your thymus gland (heart chakra), and thyroid (left side) and parathyroid (right side) endocrine glands in the throat.

            The holy qualities of the 9th Ray are enormous. There will be connections within you established which reach up into the Higher Self and Oversoul levels bringing about an expansion of conscious connection with and realization (3rd-Eye perception) of the Body of Light.

            Joy-joy-joy-joy-hallelujah! is the spiritual emotion attendant with all this.

            There are so many meditations, all valid, accompanying these new energies you simply become your own teacher, priest, guru, holyman/woman and spiritual guide. You are never alone in this as these energies are alive, sentient and can perceive, think and know far, far beyond the limits of the ego personality. The Lightbody itself is usually quite beyond human thought much less all these new spiritual qualities. Up until now the Lightbody available here in this sector as been the Melchizedek Lightbody (or Ætheric body) made up of the 7 original Rays. Now we've got an infusion of the 5 new Rays to create a whole new body of light, the Mahatma Lightbody.

            You could open a meditation by inviting in the 8th Ray, allowing it to do its job, then moving on up the Rays allowing each to do as it will. The 9th Ray allows you to contact the Lightbody directly, and the 10th Ray, being fully encoded by Mahatma, allows you to create your new Lightbody.

Ray 10:  The 10th Ray is just too awesome to get any grasp of at all by mere words. It is a beautiful pearlescence containing 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ray energies infused with a perfect balance of the pure wholeness of the White light of Undifferentiated Source. In some cases it will be tinged with Platinum Fire. It is not only encoded to merge the Lightbody into your physical structures, but is the Lightbody itself.

            This process is so huge, so awesome, so transmuting, so all-pervasive throughout your many, many levels of Self—not just in the physical, but you on up throughout the Ætheric realms—there is a specific and exact meditation for it. There is so much spiritual power and far-reaching ramifications of this, the meditation requires the presence of Archangels. This meditation is the Meditation of the 10th Mahatma contained in Section VI of these webpages.

            Again, this is not the Melchizedek Ætheric Lightbody as has been available but is of a much finer vibration never before experienced in the dense solidity of what has been the lower Earth consciousness; and it is fully Mahatma-encoded to come all the way into our physicality and become the model for human, physical-life cells. The 10th Ray is anchored in Monad/Monada.

            When you meditate with the 10th Ray, allow it to permeate completely throughout your entire human makeup and anchoring into Earth at your Earth Star chakra. This is very important as the Earth Star is incomplete in its evolution and needs to be brought to being a reflection of the Heart chakra.


The Spiritual Microtron

            The 10th Ray, whose anchor-of-origin is in the Monad/Monada chakras, is serving several wondrous and magnificent functions at this time. Not only is it permanently and forever the anchor-source of our new lightbodies, but in addition, for a period of linear time which covers our Transition, it contains the anchor-source for a very special energy, the Spiritual Microtron. In the creation of this magnificent energy, Mahatma has certainly outsmarted us in the ego-personality pursuit of separation, external form and the worship of matter.

            To put it rather bluntly, this energy, the Microtron, spiritualizes matter! It can be seen as a very intense sky blue within the pearlescence of the 10th Ray. It can be thought of as a multiple higher aspect of what in Earth histories has been referred to as the life-essence energy, prana.

            As the Microtron is so powerful yet subtle, it is not always easy to work with it. It's a matter of focus. The Microtron is an undeniable energy. A sufficient amont of this energy has been anchored within the many Earth levels of consciousness to completely spiritualize every iota of material energy here.

            There is so much change, so much spiritual evolution and transformation involved with this energy that is it not yet at this time a gentle flow of information from within me converting to our English language; yet it is a very calm, very soothing energy accompanied by a degree of power of Divine Intention which can sometimes be rather invitingly and deliciously all-consuming. Then tomorrow, after today's integration, it may be a gentle, soothing, matter-of-fact sea of Divine calm.

            There is a personal experience with the 10th Ray I should relate here. This will give you some idea of how alive and how powerful these Rays can be as we travel our Path.

            Several years ago I was a student of the MerKaBa Meditation as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I did the meditation for months exactly as he prescribed. Wonderful meditation, just wonderful. When Higher Self started coming in with guidance, I followed. One fine day the Master Shri Yukteswhar showed up and had me do a special something in regard to the MerKaba Meditation. Though reluctant with a tinge of fear at first, I did as he instructed anyhow. He showed up for three sequential days to both prompt, encourage and, in his quite direct manner, somewhat "demand" that I do it and anchor it. The future ramifications of my having been willing to follow his guidance has been most, most spiritually rewarding on many levels.

            As I continued to do the Meditation in this new way I continued to expand in consciousness and in the sphere and scope of my spiritual duties and responsibilities (Dharma). This eventually led to my meeting with the Archangels and from that point the growth acceleration evolved into a spiritual freight train traveling at top speed!

            In November of 1999 the Archangel Metatron took an Oversoul aspect of me into his Mastery School (I have not graduated), and all during the winter of 1999-2000 I found myself doing both indoor and outdoor meditations, ceremonies and rituals in direct contact with this most wonderful being. The Archangels Michael and Sandalphon were also an integral part of the action.

            When a final result of not just grounding, but releasing an aspect of Divine Mother (Lady Mahatma) into our human-level of consciousness came to be, my schooling shifted focus to now include the Meditation of the 10th Mahatma (Ray) and an introduction to working more specifically and directly with the Archangels, Logoi and Rays.

            As I worked with the Rays I came more and more into conscious realization that they are alive—alive with a direct intelligence of Source Creator, Mahatma. One morning in a 10th-Ray meditation, the 10th Ray became very alive, and took me on a soul journey. Up to that time I had off and on wondered what in the world had become of the MerKaba. Well, 10th Ray quite directly showed me that it is the full embodiment of the MerKaba! I landed right in Galactic Central viewing the entire galaxy's MerKaba and receiving lessons directly from the 10th Mahatma.

            I say all this not as some personal ego trip, but that if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Ray 11:  Now let's expand from our personal selves and into our selves as part of the Spiritual Transition which is so wonderfully gripping our beloved Earth. We are moving into the fourth dimension of consciousness. These Transitions are an integral part of the Divine Plan and usually occur on Earth at a frequency of around 12,700 linear years. We have a lot more going on here now than the "usual" (which in itself is more than awesome). Now we have the 5 new Rays coming in with Divine Mother in charge of our Transition. I recently spent 11 straight days where She was the only being in conscious presence within me. I didn't think about 11-day period until the intensive was over: 11 days, 11th Ray. I am not much of a student of numerology, but I have a reverence for it. This 11:11 made very logical sense to me.

            This was not my first journey with Divine Mother so I had become accustomed somewhat to Her presence as I have anchored Her in the union of the heart-throat chakras. I have met Her as Om and as AhHaLaHa (crown chakra sound). She is the "Goddess" of which many speak, much greater than a local Earth Goddess. Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of Mahatma, of Source, of Godhead, Adi Buddhi, Parabrahma or whatever mantra or name you need to know it by.

            What became starkly evident at the onset of these 11 days was the Ray color which accompanied her coming into conscious presence: The 11th Ray, pink-orange or orange-pink. Either way of conceiving it is very okay.

            With it's 1st Ray characteristic it is very penetrating. Blended with the 2nd Ray it is filled with Love and Wisdom. Add this to the pure intelligence of the 5th Ray you have quite a blend! Great powered is further added by the Ray's being infused with the pure white, electronic fire of Source. This Ray is the power behind our Transition and will take us over the edge into our new fourth-dimensional world, popularly called "The New Age" (a term introduced by our Masters over 100 years ago . . . you see, they have known the change was coming). Our native Hopi call it the Move to the 5th World. The Master Babaji calls it The Great Revolution. "Transition" seems to be the most popular term here in the Land of the Redman.

            Using the 11th Ray for personal use only, well, you may find this a bit difficult as it expands rather rapidly into the entirety of what is going on. This is the Ray which is taking us, my dear friends, into The New World. In fact, using any of Rays or combinations for self-only purposes is becoming less and less possible. Those who are steeped in heavy darkside ego pursuits are going to have to either get with the program or leave. Both are happening at the present time.

12th Ray:  The 12th Ray, gold, brilliant, tantalizing, awesome, all-inclusive, all-consuming, Creator Gold. This 12th Ray embodies all the Rays, all the colors and frequencies and intensities and characteristics and qualities. As we move more and more through Transition and into the new and renewed life here on Earth, this Ray will be the major focus. As to why we are being so blessed I can only guess, but I can feel it; and I can know that such is and is to be.

            This Ray is the embodiment of Mahatma energy and is the highest energy presently available on Earth. It allows direct interaction with Source. In doing the Meditation of the 10th Mahatma, this Ray and the pure Light of Undifferentiated Source are your first to contact. There is no level of consciousness in All That Is, including All That Is You, which this energy cannot contact. All you have to do is allow it to do so.


The Luciferian Dark Trick

            So-called "darkness" simply does not exist at the Source Creator level.

            Let's say it in another way: It's all Light. The full statement of this is: It's all Light and Being (consciousness).

            In terms of Source-Creator light, the darkest we have is deep indigo, 6th Ray, with its spiritual focus of Devotion. So-called "darkness" is but a shadow illusion. As Light travels deeper and deeper through the dimensions of consciousness, finally arriving at the linear-solidity level in the physical cosmos, the factor of "time" enters and the speed of that light changes octave orientations traveling from Source to solidity. This is all rather instantaneous and what we at the human level conceive as "time" is better thought of as resonance sub-divisions of Creation.

            As lightbringers our devotion has been to bring the Light to/into the darkness and --

            Wait a minute! Hold on here! We even have some spiritual history in regard to this right here on Earth, the stories/reports regarding "Lucifer": Lucifer the Lightbringer! As to how we managed to arrive at such a level of limitation and unenlightenment as we have is an interesting story in itself . . . using our creative powers to limit our creative powers. Nice trick, and our levels of limitation as sexmeat humans well "proves" it. Learning to create and think in/with the colors/rays/flames again nessitates integrating Self and Source at the Creator/Co-Creator levels into Self at this human sexmeat level.

            Methinks we need a deeper, more Source-oriented view of this and such is now available at this human-physicality level. So let's take a look at the next section which deals with Source Creator's creation centers, which we call Archangels.


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