Centers of Consciousness



            A chakra is a center of spiritual consciousnesses both of being (personal and universal) and Spiritual and Divine energies. The Path of Enlightenment is the Path of the Chakras and that to which they are in resonance and attunement. They are attuned to energies of many levels; they are attuned to beings of many levels. In an ultimate sense, they are resonance points of Archangels.

            In English we borrow the ancient word "chakra" from the East. "Chakra" came forward into the Hebrew language as "sacr", which moved on to the Latin "scire" meaning "to know". The Latin moved on into English to our word "science" and the Hebrew evolved into the English "sacred". In that our word "conscious" is Latin meaning "with knowing", we could trace "conscious" to mean "with chakra". "Consciousness" would mean "the state, condition or act of being with chakra." In that it has been quite popular on Earth to believe you are "enlightened" if you know something "cool", the impact of true enlightenment is not even suspected. When you eventually attain aware contact with your chakras, true enlightenment ensues.

            The existence of and phenomena of the chakras has been and is known on Earth, particularly to mystics regardless of religious or philosophical orientation. However, there has never before been a complete revelation; the information simply has not been available. There have been hints, promises and deep spiritual belief, prayer, hope and devotion. Those beliefs, prayers, hopes and devotions have been heard at the Godhead Source whose reply is: The Mahatma Revelation.

            It is assumed here that you are already open to and somewhat familiar with chakra. The information being given here is for extremely advanced meditations. If you have never experience chakra enlightenment—the opening to the Light within you, The Enlightenment—all this will quite possibly make no sense whatsoever to you; and may possibly even give rise to a firm denial within you. (A beginning meditation is given in Section V.)

            You will notice a representation of 24 chakras in the above graphic. There are many lesser chakras. It is the major and prime chakras with which we are concerned. These are the centers, and as Divine Law dictates that all manifestation grows both inward and outward from a center, we need not go into specific detail regarding the lesser chakras as their revelation and activation is part of the traveling of the Path.

            You will note the chakras are numbered from the top down. This is seemingly a reversal of a rather "standardized" version prevelent on Earth in teachings regarding the chakras, with the "root chakra" having been number 1. Looking at this from Source puts a proper sequential alignment into the system.

            Chakras 15, 16 and 17 (shoulders, elbows and hands), and 22 and 23 (knees and feet), are actually lesser chakras but are included here as they are major enough to be needed to communicate the system within you, particularly in meditations involving chakra opening and integration. There are many lessor chakras. I have been finding some small interest in the ones in the wrists lately.

            The Earth Center at the bottom of the graphic is not a personal chakra. The Earth Center is the single common point all life and consciousnesses of Earth hold in common. It is placed in the lineup to continually well remind humans to ground—which we too often have difficulty remembering to do. To "ground" is to connect with that Earth Center and/or the Earth Star chakra, depending upon your present level of integration.

            All-That-Is is sourced in Creator. Man may now directly contact Source within him/herself regardless of belief or non-belief. The manner in which that contact is accomplished and expanded is called "meditation"—the "going within" which has been taught by Masters ever since spiritual teaching began.

            The energies of creation flow from Source down through the chakras, first into Undifferentiated Source, the Co-Creator Council of Twelve for this Cosmic Day. A Cosmic Day is a full cycle of creation. All energies are attuned with and carry Divine Intelligence. This Heart of Undifferentiated Source provides the 12 Rays (energies of Source) which are unlimited in potential. Creation is eternal. There is no limit to the number of Cosmic Days.

            From Undifferentiated Source creation flows into the realms of experience and consciousness, the Ætheric Realms being at the top of the ladder of creation. The Ætheric Realms are non-physical. The direct energies (including consciousness and being) of the Ætheric Realms have been very, very rarely present on Earth, the Solar System and our Galaxy; and very particularly the feminine aspect. This imbalance is being remedied at this time.

            The great experiment at separation from Source is a failure having resulted in but darkness, slavery, misery, suffering, death, unconsciousness, madness, illusion, delusion and on down the list of what we term negative conditions of existence. The period of the worship of the solidity of matter is ending and all aspects and influences of this darkness are retreating, not only from Earth, but from this entire Galaxy. To where? As this evolution progresses there will be but one place left to which retreat is possible, the Path of Light within the Self . . . .

            So let's get on with this Revelation, the Path of Light within Self. All this I am presenting here is but background information leading up to several quite definite meditational practices concerned with the 5 new energies (Rays) now available on Earth.



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