Consciousness Centers





            The above chart may be used by anyone either visiting or residing within the Earth planes of consciousness.

            For many of us who have been at least somewhat attuned to the deep spiritual changes taking place on Earth, we have known for some years that this present Transition—we and our Earth and all upon her are undergoing—has contained a factor which is more than "normal" (if such wondrous changes can for a moment be considered "normal"). This new factor is contained in The MAHATMA Revelation.

            The Source of our present Cycle of Creation, The Godhead of this Cosmic Day (duration of manifest creation), has itself expanded. This expansion is reverberating throughout creation and down through all the dimensions of sentience, consciousness and life. It has arrived at and is anchored and is being furthered anchored into/onto our Earth.

            The energies and intelligences of Source have been given the mantra (sound, name) MAHATMA by the prime Archangel, Metatron.

            The mantra, MAHATMA, is a sound which is thinkable, knowable and experienceable by all those upon the Earth.

            The mantra, MAHATMA, is a sound which is capable of being resonated throughout your entire internal system of centers of spiritual consciousnesses, the Chakra System.

            MAHATMA is not ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, religion, philosophy or science. MAHATMA is the source of all these and is at present being continually amplified and further anchored into consciousness by both those of us incarnates who do this, and by our own Spiritual Hierarchy.

            MAHATMA is all of these, corrected, purified, unified and expanded. MAHATMA is relative only to itself.

            The integration into spoken and written language has not been and is not being a simple task. The requirement of maintaining the integrity of the language of Light and Spiritual Intelligence when placed into a written and voice-spoken language screams deep into the soul to maintain the highest accuracy possible. This information has never before existed in any Earthian language regardless of when. It couldn't have, as the intelligences and energies of the Mahatma have never before, in this entire cycle of creation, reached the Earth.

            This is not to say that what is now being written in regard to Mahatma is not subject to further clarification and extension. Far from it. There are but a few of us engaged in these writings, and we are far from complete in our own spiritual evolutions.

            This is what we have spiritually been, seemingly forever, waiting for; and there is no force upon the Earth which can stop it or block it or delay it. Mahatma is well anchored and quite here to stay. Those who prefer to remain in denial of these spiritual and physical facts are and will continue to have a very rough time of it, indeed—even to the point of being forced, by their own choice of darkness and denial, to leave our Earth.

            The information presented in these pages all leads up to Section VI: The Meditation of the 10th Mahatma, which is the The Teaching of the New World Religion.


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