Dimensions of Consciousness


            Due to the rather high level of Spirit from which the teachings come as represented in the above image, each single word utilized in the description of a Dimension is rather powerful within the Soul and Oversoul of the human individual. The choice of gold and red were made by Creator and myself, gold being the unified Source color and red being Divine Will first projection. Using these two colors also avoids the hypnotic effect which some people experience when looking at a figure like this and the circles are all the same color.

            Prior to getting into any description of the Dimensions, I am being asked, right now, by the 11th Ray of the Source Council of 12 (also known as Divine Mother/Lady Mahatma), to place some information right here right now. We have had the same Creator now for some 1,000 Cosmic Days (period of Creation). You should grasp that Creator also learns; learning at any and all levels never ceases. Right here at this juncture of this present Cosmic Day, Creator made a great leap in its own level of Creation Consciousness. Effectively what has happened, we now have a New Beginning (2nd Dimension) of a New Cosmic Day right over/on/within/etc. this present Cosmic Day. New learnings are happening at all levels of Creation including the Source Council of 12!

            That such things can even happen are usually quite outside the highest levels of human-mind conceptualizations. Thus, let go of those limitations and accept the unlimitedness of your Oversoul Mind, which Flows (Dimension 4) into the Structure (Dimension 5) of your Being at many levels, physical and Spiritual.

            You will readily note the dimensions are not at all similar to those sometimes taught within limited, old-age human teachings where the dimensions were thought of as but mere extensions of the very unenlightened ideas of academic geometry. Those very inadequate teachings can be quite misleading. To believe that spiritual consciousness is limited to ideas of length, width and depth is rather not how it is.


The Four Principles of Creation

Principle 1: Being

Principle 2: Light

Principle 3: Dimensionality

Principle 4: Let's Play!


            At present the Earth and her consciousness grids are being prepared (Potentiated) for some rather powerful personal, Earthian spiritual experiences. Here we have a planet loaded with unenlightened beings thinking the illusion is all there is to life and existence. Well, some rather exciting times are building in potential and now beginning to be released into magnification.

            The above 4 Principles are not just theoretical philosophical mind maunderings. These Principles exist at Source and somewhen or another in your spiritual-learning journies you will have them resonate within you at the Oversoul level.

            I want you to follow me here for a minute so as to get some idea as to what has happened within the creation activities of this Cosmic Day. Up until now there have been 343 levels of Self from you as you think you are here on Earth, to you as you actually are at Creation Source. Now that's a lot of levels for an Earth-oriented mind to contemplate. Well, the mind is not very good at such contemplations, so contemplate it at a Soul level. Into all this, Source Creator expanded, became more vast, more unlimited. And part of this expansion includes 17 new levels of Self which completes the Creation of Self within this Cosmic Day! Not only has Source expanded, but so have you. You are now potentially a complete being within this Cosmic Day. Completing the potentiality is, of course, up to you. In terms of volumetric mathematical conceptualizations, you are now a 360-level Being with 17 new levels of Self at the Creator level. The new 17 levels complete the Creation of Self within this Cosmic Day.

            ...Whew! I need to rest a bit and let this settle in, integrate....

            This isn't limited to just Earth. This is limited only to this entire creation of this Cosmic Day. (Which is actually a Source-level joke! Limitation has been abolished! (Vast laughter!)

            Along with this expansion, what we have referenced as The Oneness, has expanded into The Vastness. All this is the New Spiritual Order. Order of what? This entire creation we have referenced as this Cosmic Day, this entire cycle of creation.

            It's vast, my friends, truly Vast. It is so vast, in fact, Creator actually "thinks" of it as a Vastness. And how does Creator "think"? Well, it would be a bit more appropriate to look at it as: "How does Creator create?" And the answer is quite specific and exact. Creator creates through Archangels. What we call "physicality", Creator would call "The Archangel Sandalphon". All this running around and carrying on studying the so-called "physical sciences" is but a study of but a very limited aspect of the Archangel Sandalphon, the Archangel of the Physical; or the Archangel who is physicality itself from the Melchizedek Consciousness all the way to right here where you and I dwell. We are dwellers within the Archangel Sandalphon.

            Now don't get into an overwhelm on this; instead, get into an ever-expanding vastness conceptualization . . . there, isn't that more comfortable? And if you are part of this wonderful spiritual transformation now quite underway here on Earth, you may "think" of your physical body as a Heart of Sandalphon through which you may create your physical (Sandalphon) reality. Don't worry, all the human concerns about dna and energy structures from sub-atomics to bio-chemistry to Mount Kilamenjaro to galaxies are but concerns about structures within the Archangel Sandalphon. And how does Sandalphon know stuff? He simply asks the Archangel Tzadkiel whose job it is to know stuff. "Hey, Tzadkiel, go find out such-and-such for me, ok?" "OK. I'll report back as soon as I find out."

            Quite beyond belief, eh? . . . Yes, that's how creation is, quite beyond belief; and not beyond direct experience. After all, you are a Co-Creator. Creator is the composer, the Archangels are the orchestra, and you are a Co-Creator-on-your-way-to-being-a-Creator player. Vast isn't it? . . . Well, welcome to the New Spiritual Order. . . .

            . . . Care to take another step quite beyond belief? Let's see if you can make it. Now I realize I am presenting you with information which in itself is impossible to believe. The news reporters for what is actually happening at Creation Source are not a highly popular crew on Earth TV. In fact, we haven't even applied for a job. Seems we don't need to; the actual relay of all this is contained within the Light (Rays/Flames) itself. So go to where your best news station is, within Self; and there you might find a most joyous news announcement. With the creation of the potential of 17 new levels of Self within the Creator levels, Source Creator, in merging with another Source Creator (one new impossible for you), in order to properly facilitate all this, has brought into existence two new Archangels to assist Creation to integrate and know all this. And what do you know but they have names! Saamouel and Laareel (pronounced Saa Mu El, Laa Ree El). Welcome to impossibility number 2. . . .

            . . . and that ends our news report for the morning, folks. Now for a word from our sponsor. . . .


New & Renewed Creation

            Now that the presences and energies of Source and Source Creation has finally arrived at the physical level and within many beings presently living in physicality, we can gather together and sing "There'll Be Some Changes Made". One of the major changes in physical living is the cessation of vampirism--the sucking of the life energies of another for the benefit of a dark few. That is a very small statement but it includes almost all of living as it has been here in physicality.

            Vampiristic depletion of life is to cease at all levels, regardless. This includes all the levels from the Melchizedek Consciousness on through to right here in base physicality where we find ourselves. Vampiristic depletion of life includes and is certainly not limited to: disease, death, gradual aging becoming more and more depleted of vital energies, vampiristic manipulations of physical energies (what has become "modern" chemistry, physics, and the use of "science" for any purpose embracing death and bio-physical trickery and manipulation of life sources), physical bodies continually overwhelmed by so-called "natural forces", the hypnotic holding of a being in unconsciousness of the Divine for the direct purpose of sucking that being's life force, economic and political manipulation, religious domination, control, lies and out-and-out false information, . . . and on down a seemingly unending list of activities designed, knowingly and purposefully, to block life from knowing and understanding itself and Creation Source. The Divine Powers presently available to those of us who do this work make the power of the Bushites/Illuminati/Mafia/Dark Agenda/Evil (whatever it need be called) pale into insignificant puniness.

            Any so-called "battle" between the forces of "Light and dark" does not exist at Creation Source, never has, never will. So just toss all of this out and connect with Source Creator . . . and get on with your spiritual job! The idiotic game of "the struggle to survive" has no power over Creation. Know that. Animal man needs but become a free, independent, individual, self-reliant, self-illuminating spiritual being.


12 : 12 : 12

            For aeons now I have off and on been involved in the writing, carving, painting and chiseling of spiritual-teaching inscriptions. On walls, on rocks, in wood, on paper, on this, that and the other. In this incarnation I have now been writing and painting for decades and I am finally knocking on the door of graduating from all this. The actual source of any teachings is in the Light, in you, in me, in anyone who chooses to follow the path of consciousness. Now, I occasionally am handed something to again put into writing. Well, OK, and I have chosen these webpages as the place to do it.

            For some time now we have been hearing about "codes", you know, 11:11 and 12:12 and so on. Well let me tell you a little personal story. About a year and a half ago Creator took me on a soul journey into a bit of prophecy. The journey started off with Creator informing me a bit as to how Creator "thinks". Creator thinks in rhythms of 12. If we look at all of creation as 12 to the 12th power (that's 12 multiplied by itself 12 times), and then toss limitlessness into it, we have some idea of how Creator looks at all of this. I was then informed that we in this sector of Creation, including the 128 autonomous galaxies of which our's is part of, that we have been living in a creation consciousness limited to 12 X 7, and we are now on a journey to arrive at 12 X 12 X 12, or 12:12:12. (The colon (:) symbol is used to denote a unity.)

            So just what is this "code" of 12:12:12? What in the world are all these twelves? Well, once you soul see it, it becomes rather simple and quite logical within the spiritual creative consciousness of existence and what all is happening around the ol' physicality in which we live. Twelve Flames or Lights or Colors or Rays. Twelve Archangels or Dhyani Chohans or Creator's creative centers or Creator's Chakras. And twelve, and here it comes down to you personally right here on Earth, chakras; you're 12 chakras. The entire chakra system, for those of us who consciously do this, is under Divine (which includes you) re-construction. It has taken the creation of quite a personal chakra system to arrive here at this hardcore level of creation, which we call physicality. And that whole cycle of creation is now evolving from chakras spread out all over the levels of dimensions and energies and consciousnesses to you, whole, unified, self-creating, independent and free, right here at this Earth-level of existence.

            In all these 128 galaxies around these parts of creation, this has never been done before. Repeat, this has never been done before. So if you sometimes feel frustrated, thwarted, put upon, even victimized by what is going on with you personally, take solace in the fact that the re-construction of Self we are doing personally carries with it the re-structuring of Structure (5th Dimension) itself! And there is more solace in the fact that we are permanently assisted in this program (Divine Plan) by the 12 Archangels, the 12 Colors and our own chakra system. As to how many total chakras each of us has had in order to arrive here, well, that is up to the individual; as to how many we are unifying into, 12.

            This may all seem quite impossible, quite overwhelming, quite complex and quite this and quite that. Actually it is rather simple once you see it within Self. And remember, Creator has expanded and at Source itself new and very exciting creation aspects are coming into existence. All this creation in potentiality (8th Dimension) of 17 new levels of Self has not made sense at all to me until today. It finally went into place. I'll get into the numbers of that later. For the moment we need to look at those who are not doing it, who have chosen to remain in the hypnotic sub-self levels which we reference as "the darkside" and multiple others terms, some benevolent, some accusative. How is all this wonderful spiritual expansion supposed to happen here on Earth with "them" present?

            Well, for one thing, quit looking at it as a "them" but as individuals. Individuals. Each being is itself and thinking in engrouped generalizations gives you but a fixed view of it. Look at it in terms of the individual, each single entity including the entirety of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. It is only within the Self that one classifies one's self into a grouping. I highly recommend the classifying of self within but one category, Self. You are becoming a Lightbeing, "they" will not do so for many linear periods of time to come. As to each of "their" individual fates, well, that is up to each one individually. Their individual energies and absences of energies will sort out just as any energies do and each individual individually will end up at a point of consciousness where it can begin learning. As for how long some will become aware of themselves as but a very small point of Light within a vast, vast darkness, well, that again is up to the individual. By the do-it-yourself system each one chose darkness. By the do-it-yourself system one gains individual freedom and Light.

            At this point (this Earth day is dated 18 August 2003 on that strange, popularly adopted so-called "calendar") I want to place in here a recent email I sent to a very dear friend/ally/co-worker in India:

Dear Blaise,

OK, I think I've got it in words now. Took a huge hunk of expansion at the Creator level to have all this go into an Earthian language (this is, of course, going into languages all over creation). I could carry on for chapters here but I am going to keep it as simple as I can.

What has happened is that Creator expanded. OK, we can fathom that without too much difficulty. And has expanded right here in the middle of the continuous creation of a Cosmic Day. Creation itself has expanded. This expansion means many things at our level of living within this Cosmic Day including the expansion of all that has been, including how creation itself is accomplished.

The "reason" for the creation of potentials of Self beyond the 360 completion is that Creator has gone into direct communication with the Creators of other Cosmic Days!!!!

The 360 is a completion for this Cosmic Day which has been in progress, and at the Creator level an expansion is taking place which is beyond, para, greater than, this present Cosmic Day. It is like we have a whole new Cosmic Day Creation at it's New Beginning (2nd Dimension of Consciousness) right on top of the one we have in progress.

Plus! This new "Cosmic Day" (we actually need a new word or set of words here) includes a sharing and interchange of energies between Cosmic Days including the beings in them.

Does this make any sense????

More love than a barrel full of Cosmic Monkies,


PS: And thank you, thank you very much for just being there and giving me the opportunity to put this into words.

            Now I hope the above helps stretch your unlimitedness a bit as I am going to stretch it some more. After you attain the 12th Initiation, which no one has ever done on Earth before these wonderful times we are in, you enter the purely spiritual realms; but of course you are still present right here on Earth integrating all the way to/from Source Creator to/from your Earthian presence. And what are you integrating? The 12:12:12. Let's take an expanded look at the 12:12:12.

            Twelve Chakras (all those chakras you created in order to finally arrive here at this base level of physicality begin merging to/from the Oversoul level or the Co-Creator and Creator levels, and forming and Initiating into but 12), 12 Archangels/Dhyani Chohans/Sephira, and 12 Rays/Divine Lights/Flames/Fires/Colors. It has been taught around our dear planet that certain chakras are attuned to certain colors. Well grok this my friend: Each of your newly integrated and created 12 chakras is individually capable of creating all 12 Rays/Divine Lights/Flames/Fires/Colors. Each of your newly integrated and created 12 chakras is individually capable of allowing the presence of all 12 Archangels/Dhyani Chohans/Sephira.

            And just what/who are these Archangels? They are Creator's Personality! The more you can hand over all of your problems, regardless of their nature, to the Archangels, the more powerful they become within you, the more powerful you become within you, the more powerful becomes Creator, the more powerful becomes Creator within you, the more powerful you become within Creator.

            Every single, solitary problem you have, particularly spiritual problems contains a what? Contains a "I can't see all of this." Well, my friends and fellow Creators and Co-creators, the Archangels can see it all. They can see every iota of energy problems you are having regardless of that problem's negatives, neutrals and positives.

            And there is a very, very special energy which has been created and brought into potential into which you may tap at any time, the Spiritual Microtron. I strongly advise you ask the Archangel Metatron to introduce you to this energy for it contains the "solution" to every "problem" you and anyone on Earth has at this time. The Spiritual Microtron is not a Ray as such, but is a very special energy added to the 10th Ray just for the problems you personally and individually are having right now as well as the entirety of Earth's problems as a life unit. Your contact with and working with this energy is the energy work which will bring our Earth to the completion(1st Dimension) necessary to fully enter the new beginning (2nd Dimension) of what is often called The New Golden Age. The Spiritual Microtron is the primary transitional energy at this time, and the 12 Archangels know this and the 12 Rays know this.

            There is only one comment I can make about all this:

A W E S O M E !

            There is a spiritual-energy center located below your feet. As you look back into past spiritual teachings you will not find much taught about this center. In more recent times it has begun to be taught being called the "Earth Star chakra". I am being guided to call it the "Planetary Star Energy Center" as it will accompany you on any planet you place yourself. This is a very special energy center and has more or less been sitting there dormant for a very, very long time. If you are at the expansion point of needing to "ground" these energies, it is quite simple to ground them by telling the Planetary Star to connect with the Divine Center of Earth. Do that, and poof! Ground ensues.

            At a bit broader level of energy, it would be wise indeed to just "turn over" the management of the Planetary Star to the Archangel Sandalphon and friends (entire Angelic Kingdom) for a while.


(More to come as I'm directed)


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