A Meditation and Background Information for
Third Initiates and Above

(Note: If you are following a path of "ancient scripture", believe the past creates the future or are on a path derived from outside your own soul,
this information may not yet be compatible within you.)

            On November 21, 2001 the New Earth Consciousness Grid was successfully created, installed and Initiated (brought into existence). There are five planetary chakra nodes: Earth Center, North and South Poles, and 2 chakra/sephiroth nodes out in space approximately 6,391 miles (north and south). These new chakras are connected, through the Angelic Kingdom, with the grid of the 128 galaxies which make up this autonomous-galaxy grid in which we reside. This grid is energized with/by 44 Angelic Authorities (Logoi).

            The entire system is infused with/by Divine Mother (Lady Mahatma). Previously, on November 14, 2001, the human crown chakra, for those who were/are conscious of it (potential in others), underwent the new 6th-level Initiation—the Source Star chakra merging with the crown. The new crown chakra is called the Star of Creation. This 6th Initiation opened the way for the Initiation of the new Earth Grid. The Initiation of the Earth Grid was locally supervised by Thoth, our new Planetary Authority (Logos).

            It used to be that to gain these higher Initiations, one underwent all the miseries and sufferings of Earth living, finally opened to spirit within, traveled the Path, died, resurrected, learned some more, and then eventually had to go off somewhere (Sirius being an excellent choice) to gain the higher Initiations. This is no longer the case. All this is so new to this sector it just does not fit anywhere into history, into what has been in the past regardless of how "holy" a scripture is that says otherwise. Existence now and into our future has simply never before existed. The increasing expansion of being and infusion and arrival of the Mahatma Presence will continue these changes in our systems and structures, both spiritual and physical, until the twain doth meet! (Which is what the advanced meditation in this section is all about.)

            Now all this is, of course, completely beyond fantasy and wild imagination, drug induced or otherwise. In a nutshell, it is utterly inconceivable by the ego-mind. (Thus one learns to just let go, open, allow and surrender.)


The Third Initiation

            This third Initiation is pure gold. Well, they are all pure gold, spiritual gold. The first Initiation would be one's original chakra opening—direct contact with Divine Light. The second may vary but usually involves direct sentient, lucid contact with one's soul group, one's guide(s), one's attunment to spirit. These first two initiations have not been overly difficult to gain. The 3rd Initiation has been a bit more difficult to attain requiring a deep devotion, open spiritual willingness/attunment, and a high degree of energy-clearing in the chakras.

            There is a specific and exact chakra phenomena which occurs in the 3rd Initiation. Let's look at the human chakra system again:


Human Soul


            At the 3rd Initiation, the Soul Star chakra merges with the Heart and Throat chakras. Leading up to this 3rd Initiation you will have practiced a lot of surrender particularly with Throat chakra. Somewhere along the line in your daily meditations you are going to become aware that the Heart and Throat are themselves merging. When it comes to the soul merge of the Third Initiation, it requires some help. As to how the Divine/Spiritual System is set up, this help comes from our Planetary Authority (Logos). Up until recently this has been Sanat Kumara. Since the shift up the ladder, our Planetary Authority is now Thoth. By now you have probably already met him. He has had many names throughout our histories. Some of them are: Hermes (Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus), Zoraster, Gautama Siddhartha Sakyamuni the Buddha, Quetzacoatl, Veracocha and others.

            When I was undergoing the 3rd Initiation, at the time I was working very closely with Sanat Kumara as Sanat Kumara and not in his higher aspects as Vywamus or Lenduce. The whole process took about a month and after the process was complete, it took me about three days to actually realize this is what happened. I was deliciously bedazzled by all this including the empty space that now existed above my head where the Soul Star chakra used to reside. This plus the new chakra configuration in the Throat-Heart chakras. In a 2-dimensional representation, it felt/looked somewhat like:


Soul Merge


            All glowing nice and gold.

            Somewhere and somewhen in all this you are going to need to become acquainted, internally (not mind education, but in deep meditation), with the Divine & Spiritual System. This "System" being the entire set up of Logoi (Authorities) from our local Earth Authority of Thoth on up through to Mahatma Source. As a basis for doing this, I strongly suggest you acquaint yourself with the information contained in a book written by the Avatar of Source when he was last incarnate upon the Earth: Mahatma I & II, the I AM Presence, by Brian Grattan. This inscription should be available through your local bookstore. It is available online through the publisher's website at www.sedonajo.com. It is also available through amazon.com.

            The Logoi System with which I became familiar is the following lineup:


Earth — Sanat Kumara

Sun — Helios/Vesta

Sirius — Shirai Santee

Galactic — Melchior

Universal — Melchizedek

Oversoul — Phopenjenus and Li Pau




            As for this Oversoul part of it all, I have no idea how you personally stack up at this high level; but I can relate here some of what I experienced. As I was working with Sanat Kumara on all this lineup, I started getting these consciousness hits coming out of the Andromeda Galaxy. I've learned at least somewhat to allow, and the Andromeda connection became more and more real.

            Andromeda is the Sister/Wife/Lover galaxy of our rather male-oriented Melchior Galaxy (Melchior being the Galactic Authority or Logos). At one time these two galaxies passed through one another. What an event! All that energy at the sun and galactic levels mixing and exchanging and carrying on in any and all sorts of ways. Yes, rather a dramatic event indeed. All those suns pulling and pushing at one another in a huge love affair of creation giving birth to, among other things, planets.

            Andromeda is very female. Being an Earth-human male this experience was rather . . . ah . . . yes, sexy—but on a very different level than that to which we are accustomed in our Earthian male-female activities.

            I eventually discovered why Sanat Kumara was having me do all this: the opening of my own Oversoul. Oversoul is quite outside all aspects of the physical, anchored in what we usually called the Ætheric Realms. The energies and consciousnesses I personally received during the weeks of this opening was/is indeed rather delightfully, spiritually wonderful. This is the Avatar Self. I even found my name/mantra as an Avatar: Shatai Vwhitar. (And I am not, by the way, making any claim of Avatar status.)

            All this, my dear friend, was/is my 4th Initiation.

            Some people will balk at all this. Within themselves they have this idea they do not want to, should not, must avoid, learning the Divine and Spiritual System. Why is this? It is not very difficult to understand if one looks at it from the view of the big picture, from the view of the Source of this Cosmic Day (period of creation). For millions and millions of linear years we have been involved in creating what we look around and find ourselves in today. And during all this creation there have been many, many experimentations which simply did not go anywhere really worth while. A good example right here on Earth is the genetic experimentation which brought about the dinosaurs. It finally got so out of hand the Divine stepped in and just terminated it all. (There is still much speculation as to exactly how this was done in terms of physicality.)

            During all this creating and experimenting we also created what we call the "separation consciousness" or "ego being". In order to accomplish the apparent separation (from Source) we played around with consciousness itself and part of that playing was the introduction of denial, limitation and exclusion. The main exclusion was the Angelic Kingdom. "No, we won't allow Angelic consciousness in here." And, well, what did we end up with? Misery, suffering, pain, illness, grief, death, loss, hate, war and on and on down the list. We created a chakra-flow of energy which locked personal consciousness into a narrow band, and part of the action of this narrow band is the continued denial and exclusion of the Divine and Spiritual System the way it actually is. Many are still on the old system of willy-nilly creating and having so-called "free will" to do anything they need/want/desire as they personally ego-believe. Well, my friends, that system simply does not work. You can have all the Gods (or yourself "be God") you want to help you have all the riches and slaves and "solutions" that ego-self likes to believe it should have in all its base greed. Go ahead, continue that non-Divine plan in all its "It's All God" limitation; but you are simply not going to be able to continue in that fashion on Earth. You are going to have to go somewhere else. Where? You probably won't know for a long time as there just doesn't seem to be many places for you to go any longer. So: "So long, see you around the universes . . . somewhen or another."

            . . . meanwhile, back on Earth:

            Poof! The past is gone. Millions of years of illusion creation through the lower causal mind has resulted, among many, many illusions, in this illusion we call Earth, Terra, Gaia, Sol III, or whatever. We are oozing with ancient scripture, oozing with religion, oozing with: money, banking, government, military, war, propaganda, TV, football and, of course, cheap beer and expensive drugs. Over the millions of years during all this chaos creation there has continued to be that small handful of our wonderful spiritual friends who just did not buy into all this mess: The Watchers, The Ancient of Days, the Ascended Masters, the occasional visitors from the Melchizedek level of consciousnesses; and on occasion someone would be able to connect with the Angelic Kingdom.

            Well, the patience, the trust in that "someday all this messy chaos is going to end", the hope, the Love, the dedication of spirit . . . it is all now paying off—and it is more beautiful, more powerful, more real than anyone had ever guessed. In the first paragraph of this section it is stated:

            "On November 21, 2001 the New Earth Consciousness Grid was successfully created, installed and Initiated (brought into existence). There are five planetary chakra nodes: Earth Center, North and South Poles, and 2 chakra nodes out in space approximately 6,391 miles (north and south). These new chakras are connected, through the Angelic Kingdom, with the grid of the 128 galaxies which make up this autonomous-galaxy grid in which we reside. This grid is energized with/by 44 Angelic Authorities (Logoi)."

            Ok. Well, that sounds really powerful and is wonderful to think/believe that it is true. But here I am with my chakras all afire and growing and glowing and all this spiritual stuff is going on within me; what do I do with this information?! What may I do with it to continue to fulfill my Dharmic responsibilities?

            I can venture a guess that whenever you have posed this sort of question to spirit, you often got back the reply: "Continue to do what you are doing." . . . and you did! As part of that continuance—and it has taken me the entire winter of 2001-2 to get this down pat enough to write it here—the following meditation is offered. I have multiple times asked if it yet has a name, something I can call it to satisfy that deep need for "names". Well, like the first Archangel I met which had no name, this meditation also has no name. It is rather powerful in its simplicity.

            Those of us who do this have already reached the point of being unbelievable . . . and beyond; we have already reached the point of doing the impossible . . . and beyond. So let's just get on with it—this dealing with creation itself.



A Proposed Meditation for 3rd Initiates and Beyond

            Up until now this has been an experimental meditation. It isn't a ritual which appears to be particularly new in what is actually performed. Mystics in native cultures have been doing similar meditations for a very long time. With our Mahatma alignments, the energies, I guarantee, are quite new. The ritual involves aligning to/with the consciousness grid of Earth as it now exists, and expanding from there. I will present the information as a description of what I do. As to how or if this fits with you, is, of course, up to you and your guides. The ultimate guide is, of course, you and Creator.

            Creator "thinks" (creates) in rhythms of 12. This includes all of manifest creation. What we refer to as "all of creation" is contained within the rhythm, 12 to the 12th power. That is 12 multiplied by 12, 12 times. This is a pure quantitive conceptualization by Creator. This is not a "limitation", but rather the present referenced quantification. Having unlimited Free and Divine Will, Creator may expand as Creator expands. As for our little sector of All That Is, we have had available to us, in terms of this quantification, 12 x 7. In this present spiritual journey (Transition) upon which we have embarked, we are moving to a rhythm of 12 x 12 x 12 (12 cubed). That, my friend, is a huge increase.

            Our new consciousness grid is attuned to this 12 cubed.

            Find a sacred location for yourself, out-of-doors where your feet will be in direct contact with the Earth (shoes optional). The more sacred this location the better. The more private the better. As early in the day as you can, preferably dawn or thereabout, place your physical body in your selected site(s) (It is certainly very acceptable to have more than one site.), facing geometric north* in the northern hemisphere, geometric south* in the southern hemisphere.

            *(To determine north/south do not rely on a compass as the needle seeks a magnetic and not a geometric reference. Go out at night and spot some alignment in the heavens. In the northern hemisphere, Polaris, the North Star, is an excellent point of reference. In the southern hemisphere use the Crux, the Southern Cross.)

            *(The very best way to determine your north and south orientation is from the viewpoint of you and our sun. We are working with Spiritual and Divine energies and the sun plays more of a role in this than Earth herself. At 12 noon, the sun, wherever you are on Earth, is exactly halfway between east and west. If you stand outside and orient to the sun and then orient north and/or south, that marks your north and south. It's as simple as that. At 12 noon the center of the sun, the center of Earth and our solar-oriented north and south, are all in a single plane with one another. This is 12 noon standard time, not the time-disorienting so-called "daylight saving time".)

            Now I want you to read something carefully. This is by Thoth and is contained in his Emerald Tablet XIII. I am placing this information here so that you may have a historical reference as to the depth of Spirit involved in this meditation. For great cycles of time these truths have existed—truths which sustain the existence of our physicality. They are in great evolution now, and we with them; for indeed are these the times for which we have been waiting so long.

      "See ye not that in Earth’s heart is the balance of all things that exist and have being on its face? The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth’s heart, for in thy form thou are one with the Earth.

      When thou hast learned to hold thine own balance, then shalt thou draw on the balance of Earth. Exist then shalt thou while Earth is existing, changing in form, only when Earth, too, shalt change: Tasting not of death, but one with this planet, holding thy form till all pass away.

      List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that ye, too, shalt taste not of change. One hour each day shalt thou lie with thine head pointed to the place of the positive pole (north). One hour each day shalt thy head be pointed to the place of the negative pole (south). Whilst thy head is placed to the northward, hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head. And when thy head is placed southward, hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet. Hold thou in balance once in each seven, and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength. Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength will become as a youth’s. This is the secret known to the Masters by which they hold off the fingers of Death. Neglect not to follow the path I have shown, for when thou hast passed beyond years to a hundred to neglect it will mean the coming of Death."

            In doing this meditation you will be assisting to connect, ground, anchor and channel, within the new consciousness grid, The One Which Is One (the Senior Spiritual Monad) and The All Which Is All (the Cosmic Heart), into and with the totality of all that is Earth, including Self. You are dealing with the underlying factors of Divine Consciousness, the creation of the New World Mind, treat it with Love and Devotion. And welcome to the inner and outer worlds of co-creation.

            (Of course, the "ultimate direction" would be all directions simultaneously, unified. We could describe this as a vast, unlmimited 360-degree sphere . . .with you at the center.)


The Mahatma Meditation

A Meditation for Planetary Ascension


Mechanics of Phase One

1. Stand ye in the center of thy chosen location and face north. In the mind and chakras, focus: "North". Open, allow, feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

2. Turn 180 degrees (turn to your right or left as guided by Spirit) and face south. In the mind and chakras, focus: "South". Open, allow, feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

3. Turn 90 degrees and face east. In the mind and chakras, focus: "East". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

4. Turn 180 degrees and face west. In the mind and chakras, focus: "West". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

5. Turn and face northeast. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Northeast". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

6. Turn and face southwest. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Southwest". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

7. Turn and face northwest. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Northwest". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

8. Turn and face southeast. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Southeast". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. When the energy so indicates:

9. Turn and face north. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Down". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. *Perform a full 360º turn, slowly ratcheting either to your right or left as guided/intuited. When the energy so indicates:

10. Turn and face south. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Up". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. Maintain while performing the ratcheting turn. When the energy so indicates:

11. Turn and face north. In the mind and chakras, focus: "In". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. Maintain while performing the ratcheting turn. When the energy so indicates:

12. Turn and face south. In the mind and chakras, focus: "Out". Open, allow, sense/feel, channel. Maintain while performing the ratcheting turn. When the energy so indicates:

            End off this Phase One, enter into your place of indoor meditation, and follow your guidance for the focus/focii of Phase Two.

*Follow the natural physical action of moving the feet and body, right or left, in 45º increments, pausing at each angle on the way. Remain quite receptive, open and allowing, channeling the energies as you go. Somedays you will detect energy increases and focii from/with/on a particular angle. Hold the angle until the energies balance or do what they have to do, and then continue. (Note: You are dealing with spiritual-energy phenomena far beyond the scope of your daily mind. Let go, allow—the chakras themselves are quite capable of thought and channeling thought. When you complete the North-South-East-West set, and go to Northeast. Be ye not surprised to experience an octave shift upwards; sometimes several octaves. These are lessons in dimensionality. Remain open and receptive and go with the flow. Sometimes thought is not even part of the action becoming but a pure "is" experience completely free of all human conceptualization, the mass consciousness.)

            This is an extremely high-evolution meditation and takes a huge hunk of spiritual courage to do it. Yes, it is very okay to enter into it in deep humility. And yes, it is very okay to evolve to a roaring power of spiritual enlightenment. Somewhere along in your evolutions in doing this meditation be ye not surprised when you start feeling your chakras "think". This is bound to happen eventually as, after all, we are dealing with Light and Divine Intelligence thrilling through the chakras; so intelligent Mahatma thought is certainly going to eventually make its presentation within and through you. If you are a being still playing with minds and spooks and "possession" and "psychic phenomena" and "magic" and all that folderol, it is highly recommended you do not attempt this meditation as you are yet required by Divine Law to pass through several levels of madnesses.

            What we are doing, among several multiple realities, is preparing our inner and outer physicalities for the entrance of Monad and Mahatma into full physicality—and also preparing Monad and Mahatma (as well as Self). When this preparation is complete, there will be a Sharing of Light between all of us across all the planes of consciousness who are involved in this new creation. This is what it's really all about. Awesome! The degree to which all this is incomparable—to anything, any philosophy, any spiritual teachings, any ideas regarding the Divine—is presently inconceivable to any mind presently upon the Earth. Stay open, allow, surrender, and allow the unfoldment to occur within you. Though it may appear to place you in a rather "out-on-a-limb" position, you Mahatma Graduates are the single unified hope for all life upon the Earth at this time. Your endeavors in this unfoldment is greatly appreciated by Mahatma and the entire Angelic Kingdom. Shrink ye not from the continuing task. Separation from the separation can sometimes appear to be quite difficult.

            Note that Monad does not at this time anchor into physicality, but can exchange with physicality. In a few months, however, it may be that Monad will anchor into physicality. It is indeed a grand adventure into an unlimited reality.


Notes on the Dimensions of Consciousness
and What We Are Doing

             Beginning this Mahatma Meditation start in the bottom 3 dimensions: 1) non-sentient solidity; 2) flat-plane directional; 3) volume (what we often call "3D" or "third dimension"). Example: There you are standing in your chosen location and facing north. As you open, allow and orient north, also be aware of Dimension 1, and allow the energies to do as they will. Then Dimension 2, then Dimension 3, always allowing, allowing, allowing. Let the energies flow through your chakra/sephira/energy system (soul) at will. You do not have to direct the energies as they are quite wisdom-filled within themselves. And of course there will be "viewpoint" shifts. Just allow and go with the shifts. If your guidance, Mahatma, Archangelic, Logoic, Self or whatever, directs you in all this, allow and follow. The energies can get so great, so strong, so dominant sometimes as to seem overwhelming. Just allow the apparent overwhelm and go with the flow. (Usually on the other side of any apparent "overwhelm" are huge increases in awareness and presence. You get to those increases by allowing.)


Integration, Realization & Initiation


            What we are doing is quit outside the confined realms of any and all past ideas regarding the ascension and expansion of one's spiritual consciousness(es). Source simply does not think in terms of past Earthian ideas, much less present ideas (particularly those derived from the past) or future ideas projected from the uninitiated mass human consciousness, unconsciousness and distortion-filled consciousness. The only place you can go is within Self, within one's own chakra system (soul).

            Ideas about "initiation" have been around for thousands of years. Some organizations devoted to spirit have their "initiations" which are supposed to do whatever they are selling at the moment. Too often these "initiations" are but an ego boost: "Now I am a Superdooper Grand Gollywow Gee!" . . . well, true soul-level Initiations are relative only to themselves and your relationships with Creation as it is and not creation as it is viewed from sources outside one's own soul.

            What gives me the right or privilege or power or honor to say all this? Source . . . and my willingness to work with Source as Source is.

            On this Earth day, September 7, 2002, I experienced the Initiation of the Creator Sun Chakra. I had no idea this was going to happen today. I spent yesterday working with many others within the inner planes of consciousness processing and helping to cleanse the 6th Ray—the indigo-blue Ray which can get quite heavy in its lower aspects—and integrating energies of the 5 new Rays into/with it. During this Initiation I was even asked by Source to note this Initiation, which meant to write about it. Thus this entry today.

            What happened? Well, I went out in the morning as I usually do and began the Mahatma Meditation by facing physical, planetary what we call "north", and going from there, and the energies began building. I was guided to "let go", just "let go" and I did so. The chakras began igniting more and more and I asked Source about the Earth Star chakra which did not seem to be involved. Well, it became involved alright, with huge vorticies of energies and it was all I could do to hold on and allow it to go to balance. Which, of course, it did within a few minutes. Then, all of a sudden, this huge expansion of Light a few feet above my head. The Creator Sun chakra ignited!

            I had been doing a lot of allowing and integrating (making whole) over the past several months and within that time I had these distant inner perceptions and intuitions (usually accompanied with a degree of unreality) regarding chakras moving around within my system and opening to this and opening to that and allowing and going with the flow and allowing integration, allowing integration, seemingly forever allowing integration. Several years ago I had had the Soul Star chakra suddenly ignite into Light seemingly out of nowhere and for no apparent "reason". I knew nothing of soul integration and Initiations at the time, but it was quite real to me this chakra just above the head was suddenly igniting with Light. So when this sudden ignition (Initiation) of the Creator Sun chakra occurred this morning, the learning gained from the allowing of the Initiation of the Soul Star chakra instantly came into play and there I was, suddenly with this huge expanding Light above my head. I allowed the shift of experience point and went with the flow!

            As to where all this now leads, well, I, and we, will find out. I was not the only one that experienced this Initiation this morning. Many Elders and youngsters also experienced it. How do I know? I practice sharing, exchange and interchange of these wonderful energies both inwardly and outwardly.


A Note About Sacred Sites

            A "Sacred Site" is not "sacred" because someone or several someones built a temple or ring or rocks or whatever at the location. A location can be sacred without any man-made structure of any sort. It is the grounding/anchoring/seating/creating of connection with spiritual/Divine energies that makes a site sacred. And it is a very, very good guidance to integrate working with Sacred Sites into your meditations. We are in a process of changing the entirety of Earth's resonances. This process enters its 1st Dimension upon the Completion of the grounding/anchoring/seating/creating of these energies for the entire Earth.

            Each one of us doing this contributes to the overall creation and somewhere along the line it is requested, even required by the Laws of Spiritual Expansion (7th Dimension), that you do this. We are here at the base level of physicality and the complete spiritualization of this level is what we are doing here. You have the entire Angelic Kingdom, the 12 Archangels/Dhyani Chohans/Sephiroth, to help you in this. And, my dear friend, they well know what to do but they operate through you upon your allowance of them to do so!

            At present there are some 6,000 of us on the planet doing this kind of work. As the old saying goes: The more the merrier. You are invited to do your part.



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