There is a deep-learning story behind this recommendation which I am going to relate here to help impart some idea of how I arrived at it.

          For several years I was a devoted student of a most profound subject called Sacred Geometry. Up until mid 1990's when I finally found it, I had, quite unbeknownst to me, been looking for it. I had my first inner experience in regards Sacred Geometry back in the late 1950's. In the mid 1970's I suddenly found myself compelled towards painting fine art and, with no training this-incarnation whatsoever, began painting. At that time I could feel this push within me towards something undefined I wanted to paint, but it continued to be beyond my mental grasp.

          During all this time there was I was also traveling a path seeking spiritual reality, which also continued to be beyond my mental grasp. Once I finally gained enough sense to directly seek spirit instead of accepting realities presented by others, I began meditating, looking within Self with no regard to external, book-learned, ideas of spirit.

          This was one of the first things I ever did 100% correct in this entire incarnation, for after a period of some months I experienced what is classically known as "The Enlightenment". Love and Light poured into my being in a wonderment of spiritual fulfullment.

          I gave up all outer pursuits and surrendered to the Divine process.

          After several years I found myself in Ashland, Oregon, and again the artistic impetus to paint reared its wonderful excitement within me . . . I had discovered Sacred Geometry. The outer experience which brought the alignment happened in Mt. Shasta. I was attending a spiritual seminar and met an artist while there. He invited me to see some of his works. Lo and behold there on his wall was a painting anciently and modernly called "The Flower of Life". I stood in front of the painting and all kinds of things started aligning and going into place within my inner consciousness.

          When I returned to Ashland (only 60 miles distant) I immediately took up the brush and pigments, and began to paint Sacred Geometry. I painted for 10 to 15 hours a day for 2 years going deeper and deeper into this most wonderful subject. Sacred Geometry is also known as "Ancient Wisdom" and "Philosophy". (Not the modern mind-oriented thought-thought think-think, but the real stuff, the original Philosophy. After all, the word "Philosophy" itself was formed by the great Pythagoras (who was taught by Hermes Tresmigestis, also known as Thoth).

          Meditate, paint and diddle around on a computer. That's all I did for years, and I love it. I was having a wonderful time just being alive, and as I traveled this path, I evolved as the inner consciousness grew daily opening more and more to the Ancient Wisdom.

          When I ran into direct guidance from our Ascended Masters, and then Archangels, things changed markedly. The path of Sacred Geometry is a path, when followed allowing the continued revelation of Divine Truth with self, eventually arrives at its source. That source is the supreme Archangel, Metatron.

          Needless to say, I poured myself into this being.

          In November of 1999, I was standing outside just enjoying the day. Seemingly from out of nowhere, within me I heard Metatron's voice. I remember the words quite exactly, said very directly, very profoundly matter-of-fact: "Welcome to Mastery School. You are not a Divine Being. You are a Spiritual Being. You have Divine powers."

          The following winter was the most wonderful winter season I ever experienced. I laid out a stone configuration in a prescribed fashion and daily I would do meditative ritual ceremonies centered within the stone geometries. I was working with the Archangels Metatron, Michael and Sandalphon. Every day was a new growth and it seemed like it was all leading up to something.

          Well, it did. In early spring it all came to a most wonderful conclusion in regard to grounding, anchoring and releasing certain specific aspects of the Divine directly into our mundane Earth consciousness . . . .

          And the daily ritual ceremonies were concluded.

          For the next 3 days I did not know what I was to do. I knew a wonderful conclusion had been reached, and had no idea what was next. So I asked, and got a very direct response.

          "Read the book."

          About a year before a very dear friend I had met on the internet send me a book. I looked it over, interesting, and put it aside never bothering to read but a few pages and random paragraphs. I was getting the information direct. For what did I need to read a book?

          And when I was directed to "read the book", I replied: "But Sirs, I don't want to read; I want to get it directly from you."

          And I got a very direct response: "Look, we've already said it in that book; and it's stated better than you could receive it even if we did give it to you."

          That pushed me over the line. I opened up the book and there was page 339 with a meditation on it: The Archangels Embodying the Tenth Ray.

          I did the meditation, inviting Archangels into my being . . . and I've never been the same since. And with great ease I can guarantee, neither will you.

          At this point I could go on and on in a wonderful hoopla about why you should get a copy of this book and do with it what you will. I won't. Just get a copy and find out for yourself.

          The name of the book is Mahatma I & II, the I AM Presence, by Brian Grattan. It is available on the internet from the publisher at Or...

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