Some of us who do these deep spiritual things chat, in real time, on the internet with one another. Sometimes we just hang out saying nothing, sometimes we get into deep conversation, sometimes we argue a bit, sometimes we just joke and play.

        The software which makes it possible to do this is readily available for download from the Net and is easily installable. To surf the net you use a 'browser', to chat on IRC you use what is called a 'client'.

        I recommend the client called "mIRC". You can download the client at Just click on the mIRC icon below and it will take you there:


        Once you get all set up, connect with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), connect with the Undernet IRC server of your choice (there will be several choices available all ready to go in the software), then join the Spirituality channel by typing in, exactly:

/join #Spirituality

        and press "Enter". Voila! You're there.

        That virgule (forward slant /) and pound (or number) sign (#) are part of standard UNIX computer language and must be used.